Eddie Kiggins: Snow needs removing from city sidewalks


— To the editor,

As a senior, I believe the city should remove snow from the two main streets of Craig.

One can hardly access the sidewalks without the fear of falling down climbing over the mountains of snow.

What do you think?

If the businesses clean the sidewalks off, the city just plows them full again.

Eddie Kiggins


whoareyou 9 years, 3 months ago

Have to agree, not as a senior citizen. But as a person who walks around Craig. From the courthouse West, on Victory, both sides of the street is a nightmare. Have to walk in the street, then, people honk at you, or call the police because you stumble a little bit on the ice and snow.....What is the law in Craig for snow removal? To me it seems like whenever the property owner wants to move it. I am real surprised nobody has been hit by a car. Then you watch The City Of Craig move snow......Why go the wrong way down streets???? Or push snow over a block and then back up the backhoe up over a block and not move snow. Downtown does a great job.......Everybody from the courthouse west..........You suck.....Some of you plow your lots and leave the snow in a mountian to climb over at the end of your property . The business owners from the courthouse West need to walk from Wal-Mart to the courthouse. Do it....If you really care about your customers...We have had no measurable amount of snow in the past few days. Yet....Walk down Victory......From Wal-Mart to the Courthouse....Do you see a sidewalk??????????????? You who are driving...Please watch for us walking in the street...We have no where else to walk, except for the deep ass snow, icy and impassable sidewalks in town............So City Market, Ocean Pearl, Craig Ford, Village Inn, and the rest of you. Why Do you put our lives, my life, (your customers in danger??????


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