Business News & Notes: Local preacher plows fields, cuts lawns


— Back hurting from shoveling the snow on your walk and driveway?

Not looking forward to your back hurting in the spring when you get on your hands and knees to reseed the lawn and plant flowers?

You might call Patrick McCary.

McCary spends most of his time as the Church of Christ preacher, but he operates a small lawn and grounds business on the side, too, he said.

"Hopefully, what I can bring to this area is a knowledge of why we (in the grounds business) do what we do," McCary said.

He isn't a mower, but he does edge lawns so they won't hang over a curb, he said. McCary's 12-year background is in fine turf management, and he said he handled professional sports fields in his past.

He'll cut a lawn low in the spring, and then aerate and de-thatch the grass.

"The snow lays on top of the grass and gets it to be real thick," McCary said. "You need something to break up these mats of grass to get them to grow well."

After the initial treatment, McCary patches and repairs damaged sod. He'll do any flowerbed prep work the customer wants, also.

And then it's time for the watering and fertilization schedule.

"It keeps the grass greener, and it helps strengthen the roots," McCary said. "If you run a watering schedule instead of watering every day, I can extend the roots. If I can get water on it twice a week, I can keep it green."

Then the science extends to the soil.

"Here, we have issues with hard, compacted soil," McCary said. "I do soil testing to see what nutrients are missing, then I use a specially mixed fertilizer to help with that."

Custom-mixed fertilizer doesn't cost much more than generic mixes, the preacher said.

"That way, you get something special for your lawn, and it costs no more to do that," he said.

When the snow melts, he hopes to bring some of his expertise to people who want a fine yard but may not have the time or don't want to spend the time.

Then when autumn makes the leaves fall, McCary will clean the leaves and do light tree trimming, as well.

A Craig resident for about one year, McCary works solo, and he does not want to pick up a ton of contracts, though he is looking to possibly hire as many as two assistants.

Anyone interested in enlisting McCary's plowing or lawn services can reach him at 620-4242.


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