Bryce Jacobson: A son's intuition?


Bryce Jacobson, Publisher's Notebook

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— Most everyone has heard of a mother's intuition - the maternal ability to know the welfare of her child regardless of date or distance.

Recent events have led me to this belief: that sons have a gift of their own - a son's intuition.

This belief began to form the day after Christmas, after a friend stopped by the Print Shop to visit about the death of one of her children, and the struggles that have gone along with that.

We visited. I listened. She listened.

And when she left, I had a couple of pits in my stomach. One was for my friend and the anguish and heartache she must have felt, and is still feeling, at the loss of a child.

The other pit was a strong urge to visit with my mother.

As my friend was leaving, my wife and children showed up to say good-bye. They were heading to Nebraska to celebrate Christmas with my in-laws. This was a contentious good-bye for my bride as she thought I should come with her.

I believed I couldn't as I was working through the transition of the recent acquisition by the Daily Press of the Print Shop.

In short, I was really busy.

Or at least I thought that was the reason.

Good-byes said, they left, but the pit in my stomach to talk to my mother had not.

I called, called and called my mom.

On her cell phone and on her home phone.

It just isn't normal for me to not be able to catch her.

Finally, before I left work, I caught my dad, who appeared to be an anguished mood.

"I have to go, I have to go, I have to go," he exclaimed

I said, "OK, Dad, bye."

I went home, the awful pit in my stomach still there, just as persistent as before. (I know, those of you who know me are shocked by my being persistent.)

I phoned one more time and exclaimed, "I am not hanging up this phone until you tell me what is going on."

Dad informed me something was wrong with mom, and they were on their way to meet an ambulance in Big Piney, Wyo.

Later, Dad called to update me on my mom's condition, and they were taking her via ambulance to Jackson Hole, Wyo.

I packed and left for Jackson. About 50 miles north of Rock Springs, Wyo., Dad called. Mom was now being flown to Salt Lake City.

God always takes care of everything.

The reason for me not going to Nebraska was not because of work. I didn't go to Nebraska because my mom needed me to be in Salt Lake City.

Or at least that's what I believe.

Since I was north of Rock Springs, or "Rocket" as my folks call it, I met Dad in LaBarge, and he and I drove to Salt Lake City, one behind the other.

Had I not left so early, because, as aforementioned, I am persistent, I would not have been able to meet Mom in Salt Lake before she had her seven-hour surgery.

Instead, God took care of things again.

Meeting Dad was a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Having been up for nearly 24 hours at this time, he needed me. I know he will not admit it, but he needed me there so he could arrive safely in Salt Lake City.

Mom is OK now; she had several blood clots that had shut down the circulation in her legs and had put her heart in danger. She is rehabbing her foot at home today, and her spirits are good.

Son's Intuition is true.

I believe it with all my heart.

I am so glad that my mom is OK. I am so glad that my Dad made it safely to Salt Lake City to sit next to my mom while she struggled and now he sits by her while she recuperates.

I love you Mom and Dad. You will never know how glad I am that you are both OK.


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