Council action items


At its Tuesday meeting, the Craig City Council:

• Heard Craig resident Mark Parchman, who addressed the Council because the parking lot lights for the Wal-Mart SuperCenter at 2000 E. Victory Way in Craig shine too brightly onto his property.

Parchman's chief concern was not the lights, he said. Wal-Mart Store Manager Lou Groff voluntarily installed shielding on the parking lights when Parchman contacted her.

His concern was that the city Planning and Zoning Commission did not provide him with sufficient notice to be a part of the meetings concerning development by his home.

Community Development Director Dave Costa did mail a notice to Parchman with information that a commercial development was going in and included Costa's contact information.

Parchman said he was most upset he was never notified of Planning and Zoning meeting times, and that no one from the city ever responded to two letter he sent.

Costa said he remembered that he did reply.

Councilor Bill Johnston, who chaired the meeting because Mayor Don Jones was absent, said Parchman provided good feedback and suggested he apply to Planning and Zoning.

Costa agreed and said he would consider putting meeting times in formal notices mailed from here on out.

• Approved the final plat for the Colorado Northwestern Community College subdivision on the west side of Craig, the site for its planned expansion projects.

The approval allows infrastructure development, such as roads, to continue.

Gene Bilodeau:

• Approved the sketch plan for Overlook Park 2 subdivision, requested by Northwest Development Group.

Phase 2 will be zoned residential medium density to allow patio homes and town homes. The property is east of the Ridgeview subdivision.

• Approved an ordinance to carryover certain costs for projects budgeted in 2007 into the city's 2008 budget, such as the water treatment plant improvement.


vic 9 years, 1 month ago

Not sufficient notice that WalMart was coming? You've got to be kidding me. How much notice would be sufficient? What a ridiculous waste of time.


lonelyone 9 years, 1 month ago

HA! That reminds me about someone complaining a few years ago about a lighted sign one of the churches put up. Said it was to bright at night in their bedroom window!!
Heck there are times I wish I didn't have a few street lights in our area so during the summer I could sit out and enjoy the night sky, but I'm not going to call the City or County to ask them to turn them off! Oh well maybe this really is an issue for these people. I guess they could go to Kmart and buy new curtains. I know they sell some that have a special backing on them to block out the light. Maybe that might help with the problem.


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