Our View: On the same page


At times, it was said out loud.

Other times, it was an undercurrent of thought caught in the flow mixture of a speech.

Regardless of who said it or how, it was one of the clearest messages to come out of State of the County address last week - that the county and city should focus more on working together.

It is a stance the Editorial Board applauds, but the action of carrying it out might be harder than expressing the desire.

Do not take this wrong. Talking about the issue is one of the first steps.

But getting on the same page is going to take concessions from both sides.

From our perspective, members of the Moffat County Commission and Craig City Council each think they know what's best for the area. It also is our perception that each board disagrees with the other board; that each board thinks it knows better than the other.

And you know what? They should.

You certainly hope that city councilors and county commissioners believe they are leading the area down the right path.

But are the two groups heading in the same direction? Issues with funding economic development and taking a stance on the recent school or hospital bonds suggest not.

That it was brought to the forefront at the State of the County also suggests issues with being on the same page.

If this goal is to be tackled in the next year, it will take compromise on both sides.

A good place to start - if they haven't done so by then - is at 6 p.m. March 11, at a Fire District presentation to discuss fire codes and a fire marshal in the area.

Currently, Moffat County has fire codes but no one to enforce it. The city has no such codes, said Craig Fire/Rescue Chief and City Councilor Bill Johnston.

As the area looks to the future - and the anticipated growth that comes with it - having a uniform fire code, as well as someone to enforce it, is worth discussing.

Can the city, county and fire district work together to come up with a tangible plan? Do all three agree that a uniform code is even needed?

If they agree it is needed, Johnston said it is important "not to scare : the existing businesses," and that it will take "a gentle touch."

True, and the best way to accomplish that are the entities working together.

This is not to say that the city and county will always see eye to eye. There are some complicated matters that simply cannot be resolved just because we want it so.

But that does not take away from the ultimate goal of simple cooperation.

Perhaps a moderator is needed for the city and county to discuss goals and smooth out areas on which they disagree. Perhaps they can do so without a moderator.


But this much is certain.

If Moffat County and the city of Craig are going to reach their full potential, it will take the elected officials from both boards working together for the common good of the area.

And, if the State of the County is any indication, we've taken the first step.


taxslave 9 years, 1 month ago

May I ask the writer what exactly is "our full potention"? What are we supposed to become? An overcrowded, crime filled community without the resources to stay on top of it? The Craig Fire Department is a volunteer department don't forget. Where exactly will the funds come from to mandate anything to them? We citizens just got hit with a HUGH new tax bill, remember?

Have you been to the grocery store lately? Filled your gas tank lately? It's just going to get worse and both City and County need to button down the hatches and reduce spending on anything "speculative" and stay focused on the present.

Social Security, Medi-Care, Medi-Care Advantage, SChip, you name it, are in serious trouble, all programs have been cut in the new budget. Also, the hyper-inflation is seriously hurting all our "fixed income" citizens. Does anyone even wonder why the Kum & Gos aren't finished? Why there are empty homes in town. Why the same homes and land have been on the markets for some time now with ads now "Price Reduced".

Let's talk about "Unfunded" Federal Mandates. There is a big missing piece of reality going on here.

If you build it they will come. I refer to the hospital and recruiting doctors. Guess what, there are no doctors. You must recruit medical professionals from overseas these days because of the falling interest in becoming doctors over the last couple of decades because of federal mandates and regulations (insurance), cost of medial school, etc. btw, the new budget CUTS funding for training new doctors.

What everyone in charge doesn't know is a lot.


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