Frank and Frances Vigil: Blessed to have Folks


To the editor:

We read an article in the Daily Press dated Saturday, Feb. 16, titled "Straight From The Soul."

We are blessed to have a person like Neil Folks in our community. All the countless hours spent mentoring our son and other inmates. His dedication is phenomenal.

The Friendship Outreach and C.O.M.A. programs have helped my son in many ways.

My son, Jeromy Vigil, is an inmate at the Moffat County Public Saftey Center. Neil has spent many hours with Jeromy bringing comfort and spiritual guidance to him. Neil asked my son if he wanted to participate in an article about Friendship Outreach and C.O.M.A. program.

My son felt honored when Neil asked him. An opportunity to speak to the Press about these programs was a positive step forward for Jeromy.

Little did he know that he would be humiliated with two paragraphs of unjustified charges against him. An article about a caring person like Neil who devotes his time to help others is ruined by Mr. Herndon and the county clerks.

I don't understand why our society has this need to humiliate others, but when opportunity arises we can't resist. My son has been incarcerated for nearly 8 months. He is being punished; he doesn't need any more humiliation.

In closing I would like to say these inmates have hearts, too. They have families and loved ones that love and care about them. I hope that in the future the Craig Daily Press sticks to the topics, and not to the garbage. We love and continue to support our son with his battle against alcoholism.

Frank and Frances Vigil


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