Duane "Cris" Criswell: Snow removal excellent in area


To the editor,

I just couldn't keep from responding to Bill Harding's guest commentary.

He gets my underwear in a knot.

The city, county and state plows do an excellent job. There are cars, pickups, trucks, buses, campers, motor homes and trailers all parked on the streets along with a driveway every 100 feet or so.

What do the snowplows do with the snow - angle the blade every time? The snow is still in the street. It would be nice if we could pickup all the snow and ship it to Steamboat, but of course that's impossible.

I'm that guy who has been here 70-plus years. I've seen it downtown, where the sides and the center of the street were 4 feet high (of snow). One could only cross the street at the intersections.

I've plowed now with D-8's, loaders, blades, big trucks, pickups and ATVs, it's always a problem as what to do with the snow.

Bill talks about a jeep being buried.

Hell, I remember when entire trains were buried.

I'm out every snowy day at 5 a.m. plowing snow with my ATV (the one with the top on it). I see what's going on. At no time does anyone have a 3-foot windrow plowed across their driveway, probably a foot or less.

I think the city does have a list for seniors with no help. I think the city will come and plow the windrow for these folks.

Horses never plowed city streets in the days of horses. Did you ever see a horse-powered snowplow? No, the horse-drawn sleds had a chain hooked to the sled crosswise, that drug behind and leveled out the tracks of the horses and sleds.

I have a suggestion for Mr. Bill Harding: go ride with one of the plow trucks, or move back to Erie, Pa. By the way, most 84-year-old mothers have sons or daughters who do their shopping for them in this kind of weather. If you are still having trouble with the windrow across your driveway Bill, call me or some other 70-plus-year-old. We'll take care of it for you.

The plow truck drivers are doing the best they can, and they are doing good. They should be commended.

So, I say to the plow truck drivers, keep up the good work and pay no attention to the whiners.

There's always some of them no matter what one does.

Thank you,

Duane "Cris" Criswell


electronicsgeek 9 years, 2 months ago

Will for the most part I agree with you Chris, but the city does not do a good job of snow removal. I see them all the time when it is not actively snowing with the blade up on the trucks and then just put a five foot stretch of sand down at intersections. This cause the build up of ice ans slush in the roads. That then cause a problem for people like me that have SMALL cars with little ground clearance. The street of Craig would be allot better if they would drive around with the blade down on the trucks even when it is 10 degrees outside.


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