Dave and Mary Pressley: More info needed on influx of wildlife


To the Editor:

We looked out our kitchen window one recent afternoon and counted 32 elk on our neighbor's property here in town. Never before have we seen a single elk there, much less 32 of them. No doubt all of us in Craig would agree that there are more animals here than we've ever seen before.

Most of us don't know why this is happening and what this influx means. We've heard that the animals are losing their fear of people and have become more aggressive.

One friend and her daughter took a walk last week, and a deer squared off and went after them. Thankfully, a truck came by at just the right moment and scared the animal away.

We love living in an area where we are blessed with abundant wildlife. But, we are also becoming concerned about safety. Are our children safe playing outside when there are elk in our neighbor's yard? Is our dog safe running on the Sandrocks? Are children safe walking to and from school with deer on both sides of the street?

We need information from the Division of Wildlife about this influx of wildlife, especially as it relates to safety. We think it's important to our entire community.

Dave and Mary Pressley



taxslave 9 years, 2 months ago

Dear Dave and Mary,

THE ANIMALS ARE STARVING. Please stop by the grainery and help feed them. I am.


wildlifelover 9 years, 2 months ago

taxslave I know this will open a can of worms. I generally agree with DOW on not feeding the wildlife. But that would be in a normal winter which this one is not. The deer are starving and dying in my yard. I have hauled off far more than I like and is something that has not happened before. But I don't want to kill them with kindness either. So what do you feed them and how much?


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