Chris Rollins: House Bill 1137 hurts Colorado wildlife


To the editor:

House Bill 1137, which would severely hamper the Colorado Division of Wildlife's ability to purchase any form of private property rights, including land and/or water rights, is a bad bill for Colorado's wildlife.

Anyone who belongs to a wildlife organization knows habitat loss is the No. 1 threat to wildlife. You may not agree with or like some of the things the Colorado Division of Wildlife does, but HB 1137 would be a killer for Colorado's wildlife.

I would ask that you contact both Sen. (Jack) Taylor and Rep. (Al) White to tell them to vote "no" on this bill. I would also ask that you write the sponsors of this bill, Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg and Sen. Greg Brophy, both from the eastern plains, and tell them to withdraw their bill from consideration. Mr. Sonnenberg and Mr. Brophy have no idea how important it is to protect wildlife habitat from development.

You can also contact representatives White or Sonnenberg or senators Taylor or Brophy by sending a letter to them at: Colorado State Capitol, Attn: Senator or Representative (fill in the name), 200 East Colfax, Denver, CO 80203.

You can also go to to contact any legislator.

Also, if would like to know more about HB 1137, go to and read Charlie Meyers' article, "Ag interests plotting power plays."

Chris Rollins


rhammel 9 years, 2 months ago

I have to agree with you on this one. I have already contacted Rep White. Letter is on its way to Sen. Taylor.

Rick Hammel


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