Bill Muldoon: "A long road" article excellent


— The front page story in Tuesday's newspaper, "A long road," by Bridget Manley was excellent. Not only was it well written, but it championed a worthy practice - legal immigration.

Congratulations to Maria Sandoval for following the required procedures and patiently waiting 16 years for her citizenship application to be approved. Although the wait was lengthy, she had the opportunity to learn and appreciate the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Her example should be noted by the many illegal aliens in our community. Enter the United States of America legally and take the steps to attain full membership in the most enviable nation in the world. The effort will be worth all the difficulties.

I am proud to have Maria as a fellow citizen!

Bill Muldoon


taxslave 9 years, 2 months ago

The influx of illegal workers is due to NAFTA, it hit Mexico first. NAFTA took their jobs before it took ours.

The government in Mexico is corrupt! So is ours. The media fails to show you the the rest of the illegals that are from other countries, millions of them also. The others not being shown are the ones taking the high paying tech. jobs. Don't be fooled. Our nation also used migrant workers.

I'll admit, it bothers me to NO END not understanding what everyone is saying and the demands, "mandates" put on us by our government.

I also understand the bigger picture. If you want to be angry direct your anger where it those who signed NAFTA, CAFTA, SPP, NAU, etc., brought to us by both parties.

The only candidate raising the awareness of the "BIG LIE" of our government is Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, M.D. I encourage you to go to his web-site and check him out. His explanation of the economy and why we're here is dead on point.

Our government is banking on the fact that none of you are aware....lied to daily by the main stream media. Your only unregulated information is on the internet. Read everything from all nations, read the stock market (info is money). READ


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