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Jennifer L. Grubbs

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One of my hobbies is making greeting cards. I love using my massive collection of rubber stamps, paper, cardstock, ribbon, buttons, beads, glitter and more to create festive, pretty, cute, quirky and elegant cards.

However, making the cards does not always equate to sending them as I should.

When I was little, my mother used to fight with us four children to write our thank-you notes soon after Christmas or birthdays - and by soon, I mean practically the next day. Because she made us do that when all we wanted to do was actually play with our gifts, I never really learned to make a habit of promptly writing thank-you notes. At least, that's my excuse for my bad habit of not sending them.

It's something I'm trying to work on.

I guess that should be my New Year's resolution - to actually send the cards that I make and to get out thank-you notes promptly to people who are kind to me.

This Christmas has been different for me in terms of gifts, giving and receiving. My parents are coming to Craig to celebrate the holidays with me later this week (please play nice, Mother Nature), and they are bringing the presents from my extended family with them, and then they will take my presents for said family members back to Denver, Sterling and New Jersey.

That meant that I was able to do my Christmas shopping after Christmas, bypassing the stress and also taking advantage of sales.

It also means that I have yet to receive much for which I need to write thank-you notes. So, there is still time for me to put that resolution into action.

However, I do know a great many people here in Craig who deserve a thank-you note; not just for a gift, but also for a kindness or for making me feel welcome in my adopted home, Craig.

What follows are a different type of thank-you notes for these special people.

Thank you to:

• The couple who helped push my little car out when it got stuck as I was leaving the Gabberts' house after taking pictures for the 2008 Holiday Tour of Lights, and to my sports writer, who helped push me out of my alley. These probably won't be the only times I have to beg for a push, and the help is greatly appreciated.

• MJK Sales & Feed employees for making it easy to pick out a snow shovel by having them right out front. (Yes, that's right. I finally bought a snow shovel - in fact, I bought two so that I can keep one in my car. Maybe that - and a bag of kitty litter in the trunk - will keep me from spinning my wheels till I'm stuck.)

• Dan Davidson at the Museum of Northwest Colorado for coming into work on the day after Christmas - his holiday vacation with his family - to help me fix a mess caused by a technological glitch.

• The Looper and Sadvar families for helping me out in a pinch.

• All of the people who have called me with great news tips, which have turned into some fun stories and pictures. Keep 'em coming! No tip will go unappreciated.

• Mary Walters, Frank Sadvar, Bill Harding and many others for reminding me how important the Daily Press' Datebook is to people and organizations. I hope to make this even better and more useful in coming months.

• Janet Sheridan for taking a risk and seeking to have her Christmas memories column printed in the Daily Press.

• Each and every person who sends me a signed letter to the editor. Putting your name to an opinion in the newspaper takes guts, and I admire each of you - even if I disagree with what you have to say.

• My designated drivers from the past two work parties in Steamboat, and our holiday party here in Craig.

• Each person who has recognized me just from my column picture and then introduced him or herself, letting me know my words are being read.

• Everyone in Craig who I have not yet met, because I'm sure our paths will cross in coming months, and then I'll need to thank you for something.

• And everyone who reads the Craig Daily Press: home-delivery subscribers, a paper picked up (whether for free or for 25 cents) at a rack, a copy lying on a table in a restaurant, online or from any other source. Thank you for supporting the industry that I love and our hometown community newspaper.

My list is far from all encompassing. I know there are many others who have been kind to me and helped with various projects. I say thank-you to all of you, too.

Throughout the years, I have received many thank-you notes myself, personally and professionally. They always have left me feeling flattered and appreciated.

With my New Year's resolution, I hope to leave others feeling the same way.

This is a start, the most public type of thank-you note possible.

But I do plant to start sending out my cards more regularly, too.


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