Matthew R. Cassidy: TMH staff are rude


To the editor:

This is in response to Michelle Powers' letter (TMH staff rude) that was featured earlier this week in the letters to the editor section.

I have lived in Craig since 1992. Before moving to Craig, I lived in many places across the United States.

Of all the places I've lived, Craig is one of the best communities I have ever lived in. There are so many good things to say about our town - except for the ongoing issue with the staff and employees of The Memorial Hospital.

One of the few and only negative things I heard about Craig when I moved here in 1992 was, 'Don't go to The Memorial Hospital if you don't have to, because the people that work there are rude, mean, intolerable and short-tempered.'

That was almost 17 years ago. To this day, I still hear the nightmare stories of how people in our beautiful, caring community are treated by our local hospital. I personally have experienced this unprofessional behavior more than once.

The details of what I experienced are no different from the dozens of bad and unpleasant experiences many people of our community have had with the hospital. These are not isolated situations. This is an ongoing major problem in our community.

Why are so many people who work at the hospital always so mean, unfriendly and in such a bad mood? When we come to the hospital, we need help, understanding and guidance - not snotty, arrogant and selfish behavior from the staff.

Maybe hospital employees, doctors and management can't get along with each other or are too overworked, underpaid, busy or unhappy. But, guess what? You're in the hospital business. It's supposed to be tough. It's a very big and important job.

So, my question is, why are hospital employees so unhappy, nasty, mean and arrogant? And why can't The Memorial Hospital get and keep this situation under control?

You are all hard working, smart, well-trained adult professionals.

Why can't you act like it? Quit being such selfish babies. And if you can't, then find another job where you won't be so miserable.

Many folks in our community have been made to feel that they are a burden on the hospital staff, and they now go somewhere else for their medical care.

These folks are disappointed with the hospital and, worse, they're afraid of the way they might be treated, and that is a terrible shame and a terrible example of what should be the shining light of our wonderful town and community.

I say shame on you, The Memorial Hospital. And I say shame on us for allowing this to happen in our community.

Many people I have spoken to, and myself included, have an important question for The Memorial Hospital. With the millions of dollars we are spending for the new hospital, will we be subjected to the same unprofessional staff as we have now?

Matthew R. Cassidy



Globe 8 years, 4 months ago


Attitude reflects leadership. I have family and friends who work at the hospital and they all say the same thing, that upper management, the one who wrote the other letter in todays column, are out of control and are terrible to work for. My sister has worked there for about ten years and says she has hated going to work there for the last couple of years because of the people they have at the top. I post a lot of comments about the hospital based on what she tells me and what my close friends and neighbors say. All in all I know four people who work for the hospital and they all say the same thing - working there is terrible, but the alternative is being unemployed. When you hate your job because you have a bad boss it makes it hard to provide good service. From what I hear, most employees are buying their time until they get the new hospital finished and the current administration moves on to another hospital.


neutral1 8 years, 4 months ago

Upper management has a very difficult job ahead of them, reversing years of bad publicity to bring the community back! So this means that people that have been employed during the years of bad reputation may not necessarily like the changes & won't necessarily see the need for them, I believe the saying is if your not part of the solution you are part of the problem! Change is necessary... change is also scary for most! Bottom line for the hospital has to be protecting the safety of their patients! I nearly lost a family member because of the laziness of a member of the TMH staff to perform a doctor ordered test; all because it was close to 'quitting time!' The quick thinking of other family to have the doctor called immediately getting them tested immediately the following day (way before quitting time) caught the dangerous/immediate surgery required issue! The attitude of that staff was not that of what I expect from a medical professional!
So, if the upper management makes the proper changes to bring about a safe hospital then they should be congratulated! While remaining somewhat sympathetic to the long time employees the bottom line will & should remain 'Patient Safety'!


dkwaldo 8 years, 4 months ago

I lived in Craig from 1977 to 1984. It seems that nothing has changed at TMH. ED staff were rude, insensitive, and impatient then (personal experience). I have no doubt that the staff has changed many times over the years since then. This must be an acceptable culture at TMH.

I have been a career firefighter near Seattle for 17 years now. The vast majority of our responses are for Emergency Medical care. Being rude and insensitive to patients is never acceptable behavior. It doesn't matter how trivial their "emergency" may be, or how many runs you've been on that shift, patients are to be treated with dignity and respect, PERIOD! No excuses!

The medical community has a culture of arrogance. They are treated that way during their training as doctors and nurses, so they think it's okay to treat others that way. Customer service in the medical field should be approached the same way as any other business. Poor service results in a poor reputation. People will let their feet do the talking. We preferred driving to Steamboat as I'm sure others do now.


jennysr38 8 years, 4 months ago

Just because you hate your job doesn't give you an excuse to treat your customers the way your managers treat you. Your patients are paying hard earned money to be there and probably obviously don't want to be there. The least you can do is treat them kindly and remember that you can make a bad experience of having to be in the hospital, a better one. THAT is your job!! I know someone who recently had to spend some time there at TMH and everything that went on while this person was there was a joke. First off this person had an infection that was obviously getting worse rapidly. They loaded him up on medication and anitbiotics for the first three days not even knowing what it was. And then on the the THIRD day finally took a culture and sent it off for a biopsy, and it took 3 more days to get results back. In the meantime, switched his doctor 3 times, put an obnoxious person in the room with him over night, among the snottiness of staff towards his family while they were there, sorry that we were in the way. He was finally released a week later,still not really knowing what it was and no sign of healing. Now its been a month later and just a little progress. He was supposed to go in for a test to be done and was told on the day of that it had to be canceled because his doctor was out of town. Why is it OK to put your patients on the back burner? Anyway he ended up going to the hospital in Steamboat where they took care of him right away and diagnosed him within hours. Its just a well known fact around Craig that you just don't go the TMH unless you have no other choice.


lonelyone 8 years, 4 months ago

my husband and I have both had surgery at the TMH and we both had good care. I only had one complaint and that was when I got chewed out so to speak for being on the phone to long and my room mates husband had been trying to call her. I had not been on the phone but just a couple minutes when a nurse and someone else came in and got mad at me. My husband got right back in their faces too. It was a simple misunderstanding and could have been handled alot differently. Now I have said myself since then that I will not go to the TMH unless I am bleeding to death and even then I'd rather go to Steamboat. And mostly that is because of office issues more then anything. I think it is terrible that we are spending so much money on a new hospital and no one seems to want to use it. I hope the board of directors are reading this stuff and deciding that they need to take action to correct these measures. If not we need new people on the board who will stand up to these Drs. and nurses who are the problem makers and tell them to shape up or ship out and then mean it!


bigrred1576 8 years, 4 months ago

I have had 2 short stays in TMH with minor surgeries. I have been well treated, and I have no problem with the care I recieved. I also have had surgery and stayed in the Steamboat hospital. I preffered Craig.


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