Our View: Making Craig a good fit


Craig Editorial Board

  • Bryce Jacobson, newspaper representative
  • Jennifer L. Grubbs, newspaper representative
  • Bridget Manley, newspaper representative
  • Allan Reishus, community representative
  • Chris Runyan, community representative
  • Ken Wergin, community representative

Craig has a lot to offer potential employees.

Its outdoor recreation opportunities and small-town atmosphere make it an ideal location for sports enthusiasts and families.

Now is the perfect time to hire. Improvements, including a new hospital and middle school building, could appeal to new employees.

But, let's face it: Craig isn't the best fit for everyone.

Carving out a niche in a new place can be difficult, especially for spouses and children accompanying recently hired employees to a new job.

Administrators at The Memorial Hospital, the Moffat County School District and other major employers need to be aware of these facts as they hire new workers, painting a realistic picture of the potential bonuses and pitfalls of living here.

The Moffat County School District, which is looking for a new superintendent, has already heard this advice.

Community members spoke out at a community forum put on last month by the district's superintendent search firm. Several residents at the meeting said the district's next superintendent and his or her spouse both should know that Craig is miles away from major shopping outlets.

They also pointed out that, as an easily recognizable leader in a small community, the new superintendent may be approached off-hours by residents who want to talk about school matters.

The editorial board thinks the school district and the hospital should heed these suggestions, looking for candidates who would enjoy living here.

Community members also can help keep professionals in the community long-term by making sure they and their spouses feel welcome.

One board member noted that the probability of a professional's sticking power depends largely on whether his or her spouse is happy living in the area. If not, chances are they'll want to leave, taking their spouse with them.

Granted, board members don't think residents should bend over backward to accommodate new arrivals or their significant others. Members of the latter group should be open minded and take the initiative to get involved.

But locals can help employees' spouses make a smooth transition.

And, if the husband or wife is happy, there's a good chance the new doctor, school administrator or local business's employee will be, too.

Residents will soon have a chance to live out this suggestion.

Dr. Thomas Told and Dr. Andre Huffmire are leaving local practice. Editorial board members thank them for their dedicated service and wish them well.

At the same time, two new doctors are scheduled to arrive in Craig next year. Dr. Andy Hughes, a family practitioner, will join TMH staff in February. Obstetrician and gynecologist KC Keating is scheduled to begin practicing in Craig in July.

The editorial board encourages the community to make these doctors feel welcome in Craig and Moffat County.

Ask them what their interests are and invite them to check out an organization you're involved with. If they're looking for a church, suggest a congregation they may want to join.

The same goes for the district's next superintendent. That person will replace Superintendent Pete Bergmann, who retires at the end of the 2008-09 school year. Make a point to make him or her feel welcome in Craig.

Editorial board members are proud to call Craig home. Let's help new arrivals feel the same way.


taxslave 8 years, 4 months ago

I blew in here a long time ago from the East Coast. I didn't know a soul. Not long after I arrived there was a knock on my door. There was a lady there with a bag of goods and a smile, called the "Welcome Wagon". I don't exactly remember what was in the bag/basket(?) I'm not sure how they knew I was new..perhaps by new phone listing (not possible now), new cable hook-up or internet, or the postman...I don't know what's legal anymore. Perhaps we can deliver a manila evelope to new gas or electric hookups using the US mail. It can include special welcomes from businesses around town, i.e., "gift certificates to a free welcome meal or drink".

We should create a fold-out "Location Map" that shows where the schools are and best routes to get there, bus stops, hospital(s), colleges(s) Bresnan(support local workers I say), YVEA, the mail drops at city market, the Museum, boys & girls club, cop shop, smoke shop, etc.

Businessess around town can sponsor the map by buying advertising in the margins and get an "X" marks the spot on said map. Kinda like a NYC subway map.

I'd love to have one myself.

Perhaps a couple of our police officers could offer a class on driving on ice and snow. They could at least offer a hand-out on the subject including in mailing. They could also raise awareness of how to correctly play dodgeball with the deer, elk and buffalo.


Emily Gilchrist 8 years, 4 months ago

I think that is a really good idea. What a great way to welcome new residents!


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