Rick Hammel: Energy is important


Energy is important

To the editor:

Energy development is vital to Moffat County's economy, but it's not unreasonable to think that such oil and natural gas drilling could make Craig's air look like the acrid pall that hangs over Beijing - the same foul air Olympic runners refused to compete in earlier this year.

Pinedale, Wyo., Town Councilman David Smith said as much when he and other concerned Pinedale residents visited Craig last month. Pinedale, which sits next to the extremely dense and polluting Jonah Field in the Upper Green River Valley of Wyoming, was issued a first-of-its-kind air quality warning by the Environmental Protection Agency earlier this year. The air there was as bad or worse than that of Denver or Los Angeles on a bad day.

The Bureau of Land Management is completing an EPA-mandated study of how future energy development in the Little Snake Field Office, which has jurisdiction on BLM land in Moffat and Routt counties, will impact air quality. The study doesn't consider the cumulative impacts of all the regional energy development and fails to address the effects of degraded air quality on human health.

I urge all Craig residents to pay close attention to this air quality study and encourage the BLM to study these air quality impacts in more depth. Our children, our wildlife and our quality of life depend on it.

Rick Hammel



cantstandtexans 8 years, 4 months ago

And my sentence structure and choice of words in absolutely horrible tonight.


cantstandtexans 8 years, 4 months ago

Hey Patrick....next spring, I'll be constructing a solar air heater. I'm banking on this air heater to pay for itself in two winters. I have all the hardware items located such as in line fan....heat sensor... non-yellowing polycarbonate, etc. 4 feet by 16 feet and should cost around $1,000.00 including 4" schedule 40 metal post to elevate this solar heater to a height of 9 feet at the top of the heater. This heater I'm confident will produce all the heat we'll need during the day. Plus...I'm seriously considering a solar fluid heater and storage tank then run this across a radiator type heat exchanger installed into the forced air system.

Like most people...we're all part of the equation, but I'm gonna start putting limits on my energy consumption. I just do not have a clear answer about drilling. With approximately 80% of the yearly trade deficit tied directly to buying foreign oil and oil by products....in one regard, maybe using compressed natural gas to run our vehicles looks like...in the short run...natural gas may be the clear answer to bridge our country until clean renewable energy is up and running. Natural gas for transportation is common in Great Britain...around 50% of vehicles are now using CNG in Britain. Surprisingly Patrick and Rick....the drilling companies "CAN" conduct themselves and their drilling operations in a far more environmental friendly manner. Wyoming is desperately lacking in oversight of the gas industry. Montana however.....takes a very proactive role in policing the drilling and rehabilitation of the land. What's the deal there?! The State of Montana cares...the State of Wyoming evidently...doesn't see the need to it's demise of quality of life.

One last point. The CEO of G.M. drove the new Volt car to Washington. This car did not have any new genration battery...just ordinary lead batteries. It obtained 122 MPG!! So...we doesn't G.M. ramp up and start producing this car?! The batteries can come later.


Ray Cartwright 8 years, 4 months ago

I still believe that a partial answer is Fuel Cell using hydrogen. I have a hard time thinking that the RV industry isn't pushing the Fuel Cell concept to their limits. It could also work for a home if you think about it. While producing electricity using hydorgen you will be producing water as well. I do know that when I get in my Motor home the things I need is heat, electricity and water. HELLO A Fuel Cell burning Hydrogen could create all of those things and guess what? no polution.


cantstandtexans 8 years, 4 months ago

Could be dentedfender. Honda is spending a sizable amount of money on fuel cell cars and has a pilot hydrogen fueling station for the pilot cars in the L.A. area. Funny thing about that hydrogen fueling station. The power source to produce hydrogen is solar power! With all things...it comes down to mandates. In all things...if you were manufacturing a commodity and that commodity was dirty, costly, and and the raw material was running out....but you had all your eggs in one basket and had billions invested in infrastructure....you'd fight back hard if someone came along and produce another commodity that would completely replace your commodity....even though you knew the raw material was running out.

Mandates and a backbone is all it takes to transform our energy requirements to sustainable and renewable and clean energy. I find it amusing to listen to others who slander sustainable energy as if it will cost you far more money to drive your vehicle or OH MY GOD!!! IT'S THE TREE HUGGERS AT IT AGAIN!!! No....I point out to these ranters that...and quote...."WHERE DO YOU THINK OIL AND NATURAL GAS COMES FROM?! The puzzled look says it all. I have to point out that oil and natural gas are "Organic" In other words...these commodities came from living plant life. All we do is bypass the aging process and recycle CO2 instead of unlocking CO2. Some actually do not understand...fascinating actually.

Fuel cells....I'm game. Again...use natural gas as the bridge to known technologies that we free us from imported and dirty oil, etc. The coal beds above Tri State or ColoWyo are not unlimited. They will run out with a couple of decades...then what?

Algae...BioMass fuel...fuel cells...YOU BET!! But what about that G.M. Volt car? 122 MPG WOULD GO FAR IN BALANCING THE TRADE DEFICIT. But that commodity of crude. The Fat Cats know..that is why they fight it so hard. LET'M SUFFER!!


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