Audrey Danner, standing, explains her background and qualifications to be a Moffat County commissioner Sunday night at the forum held by the Moffat County Republican Party Vacancy Committee. The committee announced Monday night that Danner was its choice to replace the late Saed Tayyara in the District 2 commission seat.

Photo by Jennifer L. Grubbs

Audrey Danner, standing, explains her background and qualifications to be a Moffat County commissioner Sunday night at the forum held by the Moffat County Republican Party Vacancy Committee. The committee announced Monday night that Danner was its choice to replace the late Saed Tayyara in the District 2 commission seat.

Danner appointed to commission


Audrey Danner's decision to apply for the Moffat County Commission's District 2 seat was motivated by one reason.

"I believe in Moffat County," she said.

Danner was chosen Monday night by the Moffat County Republican Party Vacancy Committee to succeed Commissioner Saed Tayyara, who died Nov. 29.

By state law, the committee was the only local body able to make the appointment. If it had not made a decision by today, Gov. Bill Ritter would have assumed the responsibility.

As it stands, Danner is expected to be sworn into office during the Commission meeting at 8:30 a.m. today.

She previously has served as Yampa Valley Partners executive director since the nonprofit's inception in the early 1990s, though she couldn't say what would happen to her position with that group.

Danner also was state Rep. Al White's Moffat County campaign chair during his bid for Colorado Senate this year.

Vacancy Committee member K.C. Hume said her appointment was an unanimous decision.

Before Monday, the group had narrowed its consideration to four finalists - Danner, Craig City Councilor Byron Willems and local residents Jean Stetson and John Wellman.

Hume would not comment on why the committee chose Danner, except to say the group collected as much information as it could for each prospective appointee. This included anything that could help the committee discern the person's political and professional background, as well as qualifications for government office.

"All four of the candidates possessed the knowledge, background and skill sets that would lend themselves to the Commission," Hume said. "The strength of each of the applicants really made this a tough decision for the committee."

Hume added he does not think there are grounds to say Danner's appointment was "an inside job" because of her active social and professional life or because of the fact she is married to Ron Danner, a Vacancy Committee member and chair of the Moffat County Republican Central Committee.

Ron Danner not only recused himself from the Vacancy Committee after Audrey showed interest, but his position with the Central Committee is a "coincidence in timing," Hume said, because he has not always been chair of that group.

"Those two facts - Audrey's marriage to Ron and his being chair of the Central Committee - didn't have any influence on the (Vacancy) Committee's decision, one way or the other," Hume said.

To suggest that it might, would do a disservice to Audrey's qualifications, he added.

"I would find it difficult for someone to make that argument and substantiate it with any factual basis," Hume said. "The community we live in is small enough : that those things are going to happen."

Audrey said she doesn't expect to go in and change everything on day one.

"I must listen to begin with," she said.

Listening and understanding are two traits she said will help her during her tenure.

"Part of my philosophy as a person is I believe in strong communication and what that can create," Audrey said, adding she was referring to city/county cooperation and all other issues.

She added she looks forward to being able to work with the current commissioners, Tom Mathers and Tom Gray, to better Moffat County's future.

"I really look forward to the planning for Moffat County," she said. "How do we look at what Moffat County will be in one year's time and beyond? Moffat County is our home."


taxslave 7 years, 12 months ago

A comment about, "we didn't vote for them", i.e., vp,s and spkr of house.

When it comes to the President of the USA , you vote on a "ticket" and you know the line-up when you vote.

This appointment stuff is no good...absolutely no good.

The Pelican Brief


taxslave 8 years ago

I didn't vote for her. I did vote for Saed. This is BOGUS.


Taxpayer 8 years ago

I wonder if Ron will resign his position on the Hospital Board due to conflict of interest. Opps, I forgot we ignore conflict of interest here in Craig America/Moffat County. I am completely disgusted with how this was handled, and I certainly hope we save the County her former salary by not filling that position. I doubt we need it. Do you think that committee understand the concept of "recuse"? And I want to know why she was chosen but it appears the committee can't or won't tell the taxpayers and voters why they made that decision. Are we heading back to the "old system" that I thought had died and been buried?


James81625 8 years ago

Like taxslave said, We did not vote for this person and she would not have been my choice for the seat. I think this is just part of that who you know or should we say who she and her husband knows. I think a new election should be run with a choice of all and any person choosing to run for this seat.


lonelyone 8 years ago

Sead is dead, you can't have him anymore. So the position needed to be filled. Who would you have them put in there or would you have rathered Ritter appoint someone??? And all the bitching we've done in the past about our tax money being wasted and so on, would you really want to have the county foot the bill for another election?


moffatcountyresident 8 years ago

As a long time Moffat County resident, I'd like to just point out that part of living in a small town is realizing that sometimes paths cross. That does not necessarily mean it is a conflict of interest. Would it have been any less of a conflict of interest to have a person who is actively serving on City Council to simultaneously serve as a County Commissioner? Sometimes you simply have to set aside small-town mentality (and all of the insipid gossip that goes with it) and simply choose the best person for the job. I believe that is exactly what happened in this case. I think Audrey will be a fantastic addition to Moffat County.


Taxpayer 8 years ago

How do we know who was the best person for the job? And who else put in for the job? And since when does conflict of interest different between small towns or big cities -- I am concerned that we are heading back to the past and not towards the future -- where is the experience or did we throw that out the window with the last elections? And I doubt any city or county would allow simultaneously serving of a City Council or Commissioners' Board. We need a breath of fresh air and transparency in Moffat County!!


craiggirl 8 years ago

Taxpayer - If Byron had been appointed as County Commissioner, he would have resigned his seat on the City Council.


xrsareus 8 years ago

Taxpayer, Sounds like your the person for the job. Should not complain unless you have a solution. Like, lets say, stepping up to the plate and presenting your ideas....and running in the next election... I'm not complaining about anything they do becuse I couldn't do it.. They all have a difficult job.


freeman 8 years ago



Taxpayer 8 years ago

I didn't say anyone would simultaneously hold both positons, I was responding back to MoffatCountyresident on that comment. I want the best person for the job, and I think since the County owns the hospital, there should be a transparency on decisions made regarding it through the Commissioners. It will be an interesting times for all in Moffat County -- watch your wallet!


Globe 7 years, 12 months ago

Does anyone realize that Gerald Ford wasn't elected president? Spiro Agnew resigned and Nixon stepped down during impeachment hearings. Ford was the Speaker of the House and ended up with the Job. They establish these ground rules wellllll in advance of these types of things just incase these types of things happen.

90% of life is who you know. Who you know gets you your first job, but if you want to keep that job you work your hind end off. Who you know helps you get into college, who you know helps you get recognized for awards, who you know, is everything. Yes who she knew helped Ms. Danner get her job, but if shewants to keep this job she will work her hind end off.

I wish her the best of luck.


grannyrett 7 years, 12 months ago

The candidates applied for the job. It was in the paper. There were four to pick from. It was the commissioners job to fill the vacancy. They did it. Globe-After Agnew resigned, Nixon appointed Ford as vice-president. Then when Nixon resigned, -as vice president- Ford became president. Ford was not speaker of the house when he became president.


Craig_gal 7 years, 12 months ago

Four fantastic candidates to choose from. All of them would have been great but there is one that was outstanding and she was appointed. I wish her well.


Globe 7 years, 12 months ago

My bad granny - fact still remains that he wasn't elected but we have processes in place to account for people dying and/or stepping down in between elections.


lonelyone 7 years, 12 months ago

Well as I said, if they didn't do it.......appoint someone then Ritter would do it and I don't want Ritter to pick anyone for me. He doesn't know us and doesn't know the people who put their names in to fill the seat. It is my understand that there is nothing in place that says Bryon could not have served in both positions BUT his job takes him out of town alot and to me that would make it hard for him to serve for the county whose meetings are during the day and there are many things involved in that position that have to be done during the day. The City position is probably easier on him because of that. He would have been a good choice, but it is out of our hands now and we can only incourage Mrs. Danner and hope she does a good job. I don't know the other two who put their names in and they too may have done a good job, but again, it's out of our hands and we'll just have to wait and see.


joekidd2211 7 years, 12 months ago

taxslave,taxpayer,james81625, the law is very clear on the appointment. The replacement had to be a republican and they had to live in the same district as Saed Did. If this would have happened sooner the appointment would have only been till Saeds term ended but because we had already held the election and Saed was reelected. the appointee finishes his term and serves the rest of the new term. so anyone met those qualifications they could apply. if you doubt me go look up the law on your own Im sure you can find what you need at the courthouse


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