Color comics no longer inserted


Readers may have noticed a big change in the Saturday Morning Press today. Last weekend marked the last time the Saturday Morning Press included a Sunday color comics section.

Starting today, we instead are offering an improved Saturday Morning Press, featuring 24 pages of color, instead of the current 16.

Many things are changing in the newspaper industry. Unfortunately, one of those changes is a major increase in the cost of newsprint, which is the paper that newspapers print on. Because of that, newspapers, such as the Craig Daily Press and Saturday Morning Press, are having to find ways to better use the paper they do consume.

The Sunday color comics section was added to the Saturday Morning Press a few years ago to accommodate the special advertisements that are inserted into the paper. The machine that was used to insert these ads can only handle six pieces at a time, and so a separate packet was needed to allow for more inserts when adverting required it.

Beginning today, Dec. 6, the Saturday Morning Press will be printed in two parts, which will allow for inserts to be included in the first part, and also allow for expanded use of color in the paper, itself.

The Daily Press and Saturday Morning Press staff are excited about this change and look forward to bringing you even more color photographs, in addition to the Education stories, Agriculture & Livestock features and Communities at Work photo essay that our readers count on each week. The Saturday Morning Press will continue to include the black-and-white Saturday comic strips.

For our readers who love reading comics printed in color, The Sunday Denver Post continues to print two sections of the brightly hued funnies, both from The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News. These two sections include more comic strips than the Saturday Morning Press' section ever did. A home-delivery subscription to the Craig Daily Press includes The Sunday Denver Post and these Sunday color comics sections.

To find out more about this, call Amy Fontenot, circulation manager, at 824-2600.


als362 8 years, 3 months ago

Globe; you are crazy if you think this paper is in any way conservative!


als362 8 years, 3 months ago

I think your insert is a big joke. I would rather have the comics and the puzzle that was there. From the way this paper has been published over the last several year the puzzles in the paper are the only thing worth having, now we don't even have that. I wish you would get out of the newspaper business and let The Moffat Morning News back in, at least they were honest in their reporting and didn't put their own liberal slant on every article. Your paper STINKS!!
I could use a more representative word, but there are children that might read this.


Globe 8 years, 3 months ago

als362 (you should have chosen a user name adhd007 instead of als362)

My kids are going to miss the puzzles and games too. They told me to send you their sympathy. They too like you are experiencing the loss of having something to read that they understand and stimulates them intellectually.

I am not sure how you came up with the "...liberal slant..." thing, because as most would know, the paper is run by some pretty conservative people who tend to support conservative view points. I don't believe they prevent a liberal point of view, they just don't promote it.

I would suggest that you start one of those Tid Bits puclications here in Craig if you need the kind of news you are looking for or maybe spend some time looking at the bulletin board at city market, I am sure that information is more in line with what your mind craves.

Best of luck...


taxslave 8 years, 3 months ago

It's my understanding there will be a new publication debuting in about a week. Something on line like the Penny Saver in GJ. I guess we'll find out soon enough.


taxslave 8 years, 3 months ago

It's not will be a physical paper.


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