Rick Nielson: Sad situation for animals


To the editor:

Another comment on the sad situation of our local deer and elk herd:

I've been a resident of Maybell for 42 years and have never witnessed a winter kill equal to the one in 2008.

I hiked the river bank in March from the Sunbeam Bridge west for about a mile and a half. I counted 115 dead elk and 30 deer. Across the river, on the south bank, I saw seven more dead elk.

It's a shame that so many animals starved to death. It was a hard thing to see the deer and elk thin, cold, starving, begging and dying.

The hunters are seeing the result now with carcasses everywhere and few animals to shoot.

You would think the DOW could have come up with a plan to take care of their animals so that they weren't starving to death, aggressively bothering people who were feeding livestock and so that so much meat wasn't wasted that could have been harvested.

Rick Nielson


cantstandtexans 8 years, 3 months ago

Unfortunately Rick...I guessing that doing nothing "WAS" the plan implemented last winter. Unlike the Gunnison Basin and the areas north of Eagle....there is Chronic Wasting Disease in the elk and deer herds taking hold in most areas of northern Colorado. As the story goes...I'm hearing...the DOW has contingent plans on lowering the elk heard numbers if hunters cannot supposively "Balance" the elk numbers to a manageable number and to eliminate CWD with the herds.

Now...I am hoping I'm wrong...but I hear...the DOW intents on shooting the elk themselves if need be. There was plenty of unhappy people last winter Rick, when we knew full and well the DOW was feeding elk-deer-antelope in the fore mentioned areas. AS IF THE MONEY WE PAY FOR TAGS DOESN'T HELP FUND THE DOW??!! But last winter posed a great opportunity...in the eyes of the DOW...to bring down the elk numbers which they insist must be reduced even further despite last winters kill!

I don't have a clear answer for anyone Rick...but if all goes to plan for the DOW...Craig may be known as the former "Elk Capitol of the World". I know CWD must be eliminated from elk/deer herds. But Jesus...to allow animals to over populate as the elk did...then the DOW simply says..."Oh, We messed up...so we'll let these animals starve while conducting feeding programs elsewhere doesn't set well with folks. Makes you wonder if it isn't time to have a reorganization party at the DOW.


freeman 8 years, 3 months ago



slipknot 8 years, 3 months ago

CST: I know you're passionate about the subject. But please use language more appropriate for the list. I've requested removal of a couple of your posts and I've requested removal of this one. If you continue to use foul and abusive language as you have in the past, I will request that CDP permanently ban you from the list. I am reluctant to make the request but I know that you have offended not only me, and I am not easily offended, but you have offended other members of this list as well.


cantstandtexans 8 years, 3 months ago

Uh....are you so pious slipknot...that a simple JESUS inserted in a comment sends your blood pressure to critical levels?...?.....!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL?!!!!! Take your so-called religion to your pious pew on Sundays. A simple JESUS offends you! UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!! SIMPLY UNBELIEVEABLE. Excuse me while I go have a good laugh over this one!! And I suppose you support the Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeepublican Party as well slipknot?....? Oh....that's right...the GOP and it's supporters are Godly and moral and anything less is UN-American and not of God....vile...heathens....idol worshippers...TERRORIST SUPPORTERS!!!! The Republican Party and the Grace Dispensation Called Out Ones are 180 degrees apart there slipknot. Read the "Book of Acts" to get a good idea how Christians should live.

I'm edgy...so what! I consider others so-called religion lives insulting to me when I know that there are precious few who have what the Apostles preached and taught......VERY PRECIOUS FEW MIND YOU!! Do you use slang words that pertain to cuss words?...? Well? Do you? Get a professional grip.....simply hilariously unbelievable!!

GOSH...OH SHOOT....DANG.....DARN IT....just to name a few. I could continue but oh so petty...just simply petty. This isn't about your religion here slipknot.....request all you want to have my comments removed. I'm not impressed nor phased by people who believe they are righteous and holy and I'm not.

Now...back to the subject about elk/deer/antelope starved last winter.......yeah?! Or should you suggest this comment be removed as well?


slipknot 8 years, 3 months ago

CST: I'm sorry you feel that way but you really are offensive in your language and instead of sharing an opinion I fear you're driving participants away. In any case that's not my call. Your last comment just proved my point. My blood pressure remained low and although you have offended me in your choice of language you have chosen to use your post for a direct attack on me and those who feel as I do. . .you have left me no choice. Read the full policy posted by CDP and you will find that you have violated the posting standards established by the CDP, not only in the posts here but in the past. Merry Christmas my sad friend.


lonelyone 8 years, 3 months ago

Freeman, in answer to your question, I think they have to check something in the brain to see if the disease is there and for that to happen i guess they need to be dead!! BUT, I actually know very little on the subject so I could be wrong.


50cal 8 years, 3 months ago

when I was a kid you saw sick and unhealthy animals. Most people put them out of their misery or a predator thinned them out. They only know its here now because they finally started testing for it here. no one knows how long it has actually been here. The important thing to remember is that states in the mid west and around the great lakes have known they have had it for years and still have thriving populations of deer.

Freeman the fluid must come from the brain stem to test for CWD.


redneckgirl 8 years, 3 months ago

They fed the deer and elk on the front range so that all your Denver-rites didn't have to see them starving. Everything that happens in this state is for the benefit of the front range.


Blondi 8 years, 3 months ago

50cal - Thirty five years ago, we saw signs of CWD up on Cold Springs Mountain and you are right. Folks just used to put them out of their misery which is what we did to the cow on Cold Springs that we found going in circles and falling down and so weak. I've heard many a rancher talk about elk not being healthy and I've seen many an elk even in recent years with plenty of feed that looked sickly and skinny and weak. We've seen a couple sick deer, but mostly elk. Just a few months ago, we watched helplessly while a cow following a herd, tried to jump a fence and couldn't. The poor thing was so weak she just couldn't get up enough strength to get over. Finally she just gave up and watched the herd on the other side go on up over the hill out of sight. Years ago when we put the Cold Springs cow out of her misery, we didn't know anything about CWD but we knew something was wrong.

Just a few days ago I overheard a well known respected rancher state that he truly believes DOW does not care for the animals. I have to agree with him. It appears they are so hell-bent on passing out tickets for the slightest little thing that they don't have time for anything else. When they aren't writing tickets, they are too busy "swaggering" around in their uniforms with all that hardware hanging all over their belts. They have to swagger...they can't walk . . . you take the old time wardens - they never wore guns on their belts. Said it was like flipping a red blanket at a mean bull.

And if they were doing a proper job of PR and taking care of their animals, they wouldn't have to be out there hiding and trying to find people doing things. People used to like helping DOW and felt a certain pride and self-satisfaction in doing so. Now they just use the 3-S rule and get on with life. It is frustrating to us to know that now if you put an animal out of its misery and pain, you get fined or worse for doing so. If we call the DOW they can't get out to some areas for hours or maybe a day or two and meanwhile the poor critter is suffering. This REALLY hurts our feelings.

And before you jump down our throats, we aren't lumping ALL wardens in the same basket. I am sure there are some decent ones out there that are trying really hard to do the right thing and are as frustrated as we the public are.

We haven't even eaten elk or deer for several years because even though DOW says that CWD won't hurt humans,we don't trust them and we don't trust their tests. Why would they take a chance and tell you that your animal tests positive for CWD and panic the public. Naw....they are going to tell you that your animal is fine! And if CWD doesn't hurt humans, then why do the tests in the first place?


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