Our View: City beautification appreciated


Have you noticed how pretty our city is looking these days?

From improved parking lots to hanging flower baskets, from new sod to a new park area, changes are taking place for the better around Craig.

Just like a woman who puts on make-up, many of the downtown businesses have participated in efforts to put a new "face" on city streets.

We've especially noticed how cheerful the flower baskets have made Yampa Avenue, with their bursts of color.

But it's taken a lot of hard work to keep them that way. We offer cheers to everyone who put in the effort to water and maintain this project.

We've also seen many general cleanup efforts going on, as city workers have finished projects on street corners, new businesses have added landscaping and homeowners have taken pride in their yards and neighborhoods.

We love the little park area between Serendipity and The Golden Cavvy. It's charming and inviting.

Locations with notable improvements include - but definitely are not limited to - Kum & Go, Walgreens, Holiday Inn, Mathers' bar, Yampa Valley Bank, Mountain West Insurance and Re/Max.

We've also enjoyed seeing the flags flying around downtown, and we applaud that effort, too.

However, this editorial is not all about offering kudos. We also want to point out and spur on a few more possible improvements.

There are many places both in and outside of downtown that need some TLC in Craig.

And the finger is pointing directly back toward the Craig Daily Press - or at least the empty lot next door.

We know that lot, whose owner has it up for sale, is an eyesore. In fact, it is often compared to a minefield because it has so many divots and (dirt) potholes. It would be nice to see something done there.

We also would like to see the city do something about the land between West Victory Way and the frontage road that runs in front of Murdoch's. It is covered in weeds and could use some landscaping, or even Xeriscaping to conserve water.

It also would behoove all of us to spend even 10 or 15 minutes picking up trash around town. A citywide effort by citizens to pick up litter and trash - especially cigarette butts and drink cups - that we come across as we're out and about would improve the city's face even more. If you're out walking your dog, watching your children play soccer or walking from a store to your car, and you notice something that Mother Nature didn't put there, help out the city and your fellow citizens by picking it up and taking it to a trash can.

There's always something - no matter how small - that we can each do to improve our city's face, both for ourselves and for the hunters and tourists who help sustain this economy. Every little bit helps make our city a little bit prettier.


freeman 8 years, 7 months ago

well said,,if everyone would p/u after themselves and then some,it would be very nice.lets talk about loudy and the beach behind the golf course.so many people go there day ater day with whoever and enjoy themselves.when some leave,,the ugly trash that is let laying on the rocks,lawn,in bushs,banks is so UGLY.........why cant people p/u after themselves and use the trash containers provided.....behind the golf course,,,,,,p/u and take to a trash bin and get rid of??????


grannyrett 8 years, 7 months ago

Boy, freeman, you are so right. When my kids were small, we used to go out there and they would go fishing. They learned to skip rocks out there. I would never take a kid out there now. What a mess!


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