Rick Penner no longer missing


The Craig Police Department canceled the missing person's alert for Moffat County High School Athletic Director Rick Penner, when he was found Wednesday.

A missing person's report was filed Monday by MCHS Principal Thom Schnellinger, after Penner hadn't reported to work for what was then four days.

"It got reported to us, and under those circumstances, we were concerned," Craig police Department Sgt. John Forgay said. "Anybody driving back and forth to Denver can have things happen. Our job was to clarify if things were good or bad. As it turned out, he was OK."

Forgay said the investigation took many phone calls and that Penner finally was reached by phone Wednesday morning. Through the help of other Denver agencies, Penner was identified in person, Forgay said.

"We had a follow-up confirmation with one of the units near Denver," He said. "The law enforcement agencies there went and made contact to confirm that's who we were talking to."

Forgay added that no criminal investigation will follow.

The Craig Police Department discontinued the search, and the case is now closed.

As of Wednesday, Penner still hadn't contacted the school.

Schnellinger said Travis Jensen, MCHS assistant principal, is acting as interim A.D. until the issue is resolved.

Penner could not be reached for comment.

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misterkindbuds 8 years, 8 months ago

Wait a second!

So what's his status? Why hasn't he contacted the school? Is he having emotional issues? Is he hospitalized? Is he in the Freedom Cage?

Do some digging John and get us the real story.


jvandelinder 8 years, 8 months ago


Nobody will go on the record with what's happening. He's not injured - so no hospital. I am writing a column on the subject for tomorrows paper. It will be only speculation on my part, considering no one will go on the record. A column will allow me to speculate. I can offer you this: I do not believe he will still have his job. I spent four hours calling all over the place, but all i got was rumors. He hasn't answered my calls and his family has no comment. Check out my piece tomorrow (Saturday)


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