The Memorial Hospital agenda


The Memorial Hospital

Board meeting

7 p.m. Wednesday, Platinum Conference Room

• Call to Order by Melton Sullivan, Chair

• Agenda Review

• Opportunity for Public to Address the Board

• Consent Agenda:

- Approval July 30 board meeting minutes.

- Accept Aug. 14 medical staff meeting minutes.

- Accept Aug. 14 joint conference meeting minutes.

- Accept Aug. 20 finance committee meeting minutes.

- Accept July financial results report.

- Accept Aug. 7 building committee meeting minutes.

- Accept Aug. 14 quality committee meeting minutes.

• Executive Session to discuss a contractual matter

• Action Items:

- Recommendation of medical executive committee of medical staff privileges

- Recommendation of finance committee for purchase/lease of capital equipment: iDashboard Reporting Software

- Recommendation by credentials committee and joint conference committee on granting privileges for procedures not considered "core privileges" for Hemorrhoidectomy

- Recommendation for approval of TMH strategic plan update.

- Recommendation from the building committee for approval of reclamation bid for new hospital site

• Discussion Items

- HUD Covenants

- TMHFC Operating and Site Leases

• Reports:

- Chief of Staff Report

- Chief Executive Officer George Rohrich: physician recruitment

- Chief Financial Officer Barry Bergman

- Chief Quality Officer Beka Warren

- Chief Clinical Officer Bob Lindberg

- Service Excellence Officer Samantha Johnston

- QHR Kurt Loveless

• Other Business

• Adjournment


Kyote 8 years, 7 months ago

New iDashboard software? What the heck is that? Is that where the money that was suppose to be for our "P R O M I S E D" bonuses went? The bonuses we never received because the hospital couldn't afford it. We are dumping money on every whim for senior management but not a dime for the staff. I know, lets make it all better by having another cook off, that will make up for it.


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