Patrick Wayne Germond: Russian Bear has Georgia by the throat


— To the editor:

Have you seen the footage of the Bear attack? It's been on television for more than a week. That's right, the Russian Bear has been mauling one of America's shoulder-to-shoulder allies, Georgia. Right now, it has Georgia by the throat.

We can save them and ourselves at the same time. All without blood shed and before the Bear can charge again. Will we take the shot?

Putin and the Russian people want the old U.S.S.R. back. Right now, America is at its weakest. Our economy is a little slow. Our own oil production is only at 25 percent of our needs. We have troops already in combat, they are kind of tired, and the equipment needs some shop time.

In contrast, Russia has been making big, big money from its oil exports. With one drawback: They took over their private oil industry and jailed its CEOs. So then and now, no other foreign investors and especially technological investors, want anything to do with Russia. So in that aspect, they are far behind us. They pretty much only have their nationalized oil money to rely on.

Don't look for this bruin to leave its kill either. So if Putin is ever going to keep or hold power in Russia again, he has to take and keep Georgia now. The reason is, in a year or so, our troops will be home, our economy will be up and Russia's cash cow of oil will be way weaker. By that time, hopefully, we will be bent on drilling for our own oil. So it's now or never. So don't look for Russia to pull out of Georgia.

This is where the answer lies. It's so simple that it's sad. If the price of oil goes down, Russia will be back to begging us for food. With new technology, better cars and higher oil production, it will probably happen anyway. The only glitch - and it's a big one - is that the Democratic Congress' heart isn't in it.

Senate leader Nancy Pelosi has commented that maybe we will let America do a little oil drilling then shut it off next year after the election. Which means we have to run her and her whole crew off. That includes our own energy waffle-ers, Sen. Ken Salazar and U.S. Rep. Mark Udall. No matter what they say this election, it's time for a change in Congress.

So we must turn our faces into the wind, lend an eye to that terrible aspect, and take our perilous aim now. If not, this Bear will continue to devour Europe, and then us. Hesitation or half-steps will not be successful; many dead men would attest to that. This war can be fought and won by roughnecks. We have a shot.

Do we have the nerve? The Bear is eyeing us.

Patrick Wayne Germond



oldsage 8 years, 8 months ago

Hold on there partner, the Russians now control most of the old Soviet weapons and I happen to have a book entitled, "Soviet Military Power" which details the capability of the old Soviet Union's weapons systems.

The Russians have already stated that they do not have smart bombs but will respond to the use of smart bombs on their forces with theater tactical nuclear weapons. May I point out at this juncture that Russia is not Iraq or Iran ( countries that do not and did not have weapons of mass-destruction) and I can assure you that the next escalation from theater tactical nukes is intercontinental Nukes and Russia has both. It also should be noted that the United States is currently not capable of stopping ICBMs. (The US forgot to build the space based laser and the patriots only can stop the slower cruse or scud type weapons systems.)

So, if you are suggesting the US drill for oil in the USA instead of going to war for George Soros's oil pipeline in Georgia, you are correct. If you think it is a good idea to go to war, a war that the Russians have already said would go nuke if we used our smart weapons and for a Georgian president who got full of himself and attacked South Ossetia first prompting the military response from the Russian Army in North Ossetia. That's right Georgia started it and the Russians finished it but quick. I guess you missed the interview on FAUX News where the sixteen year old girl thanked the Russians for saving them before the interview was cut short by Shepard Smith. (Not what they wanted to hear or broadcast to the American people.)

If you haven't read or heard on the broadcast media that the Georgians attacked South Ossetia first you need to get a new news source. Otherwise its like thinking that the newspaper with the penis stories from six year olds contains all the news that's fit to print in Moffat County.


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