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Craig Editorial Board

  • Bryce Jacobson, newspaper representative
  • Jennifer L. Grubbs, newspaper representative
  • Bridget Manley, newspaper representative
  • Allan Reishus, community representative
  • Chris Runyan, community representative
  • Ken Wergin, community representative

Perhaps the second-most disturbing aspect of recent stories involving sexual assaults at Moffat County High School is the response.

When did sex crimes become business as usual?

Comments from high school officials, and even some in the crisis support community, have been shockingly useless, even for lip service.

High school officials bemoan the fact that teenagers don't want to open up to them, that sexual assaults never get reported for fear of public embarrassment and that students there probably don't know what defines "sexual assault."

It seems to us that correcting these issues is part of their job.

A comment from Advocates-Crisis Support Services said there would be some serious education to be had if there continues to be more sexual assaults.

Our question, then, is what constitutes an emergency?

To us, an emergency is when one person - no matter how old he or she is - is sexually assaulted. Of all the crimes in the world, this is one of the most grotesque.

But this does not seem to be an emergency to other people; a few cases of sexual assault are routine, a predetermined fact.

Some people in positions to help stop this violence want to wait and see if a "trend" develops.

Excuse us while we freak out on our own, then.

One case is too many. One time is too frequent. Once is a trend we don't want to watch develop.

We don't need to see any other numbers.

It seems obvious that whatever education around here available to teens isn't good enough if they don't even have a definition for sexual assault. That is the least of what we should expect any education to accomplish.

We wonder what serious education means. If nothing else, can we get some serious education now?

This whole thing looks like it's on the cusp of being swept under the rug, and that is wrong. While it's true, as one high school official alluded to, kids will be kids, it is past time for the rest of us to be adults.

The sticker in this whole thing is that blaming underpaid and underappreciated local "officials" is far too easy. We want to thank Moffat County's teachers, school administrators and counselors, as well as every volunteer and worker in this community who makes it their duty to help people through hardships.

This community has some problems.

It is not the fault of those at the high school or any other social work group that sexual assaults have become common.

The community is doing this to itself.

Morals are learned at home.

We do not care if your kid never did anything. When people stop giving up on the world, this kind of disgusting crap will end.


grannyrett 8 years, 7 months ago

What a great editorial! Why is it that girls do not feel they will be believed if they report a sexual assualt? Shouldn't they feel as though someone out there will care about something like that? With the attitude of those reported in the CDP, it's no wonder they don't report it. These young adults may not always use good judgment-drinking, drugs-but when someone has been raped, someone better jump and do something about it. That's your job-councilor, parent, theripest, coach, and friend. Don't just blow it iff.


50cal 8 years, 7 months ago

excuse me for just a moment. since this all started when the results of the survey came out I was one of the ones questioning why we hadn't heard about this problem. Then I started doing some looking on my own. Its right here in the paper people. Read the police blotter people its in there. every few days there is a report of one of the agencies responding to a report of a sexual assualt. I never really looked until we started hearing about it. Now there are no names reported to protect everyone involved and thats fine until the trial is over but couldn't we get information if someone is convicted? I know you can look it up online but if this is happening in our community shouldn't we be hearing if some perv is convicted? please everyone start reading the police blotter.


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