County prepared to seek legal action against Steamboat

Disagreement about $142,000 relating to transit facility construction may go to court


— Negotiations have stalled between Moffat County and the city of Steamboat Springs because of an alleged debt relating to the Steamboat Transit facility construction near the east Kum & Go in Craig.

The deadlock has lead the Moffat County Commission to suggest that legal action may be the only available solution to resolve a dispute about $142,420 in county landfill fees.

Moffat County believes the city of Steamboat owes the sum because it breached contract terms agreed to before the Transit facility's construction, Moffat County Commissioner Tom Gray said.

The commission first requested a settlement with Steamboat after its March 11 meeting. The county has been negotiating with Steamboat since.

"We just felt that the spirit of the contract was being called into question by the city of Steamboat," Gray said. "I think there's a good solution (other than legal action), which is to do the right thing and pay what you owe."

Before Steamboat Transit proposed a Craig facility, the land where the facility is being built was previously owned by Moffat County.

A contract agreement between the county and Steamboat stipulated the city would preserve all iron support beams from structures already on the site before building.

The contract also stipulated Moffat County would waive all landfill fees for site cleanup and contaminated soil. Since the property was formerly the site of the County Shop, it was believed oil and other materials had leaked into the ground.

A contractor hired by Steamboat to disassemble existing buildings on the property failed to salvage the iron, resulting in a loss for Moffat County, Gray said.

Also, he added, on-site Steamboat crews dug up and sent more soil to the landfill than was actually hazardous.

Crews did not properly test the soil before sending it to the landfill, Gray said, which resulted in more ground being taken to the dump than there should have been.

"When we found out the ground wasn't contaminated to the level of being hazardous, that (Steamboat crews) didn't do proper testing, we don't feel we should be responsible for that, not with the contract," Gray said.

About $30,400 of the requested settlement is from disposal of the iron taken from old county buildings on the site. The rest is attributed to costs from soil dumped at the landfill.

Steamboat officials already have paid the county $12,634 to cover the labor costs of having Moffat County Road and Bridge Department crews haul materials to the landfill.

Gray said he doesn't think the county has heard from Steamboat officials after the county sent a letter in July informing Steamboat officials of the commission's decision to request the full $155,000 or possibly seek a court settlement.

Anne Small, Steamboat purchasing/contracts and risk manager, said city officials had no comment on the matter because it is an ongoing legal issue.


freeman 8 years, 7 months ago

ask ol tayara if he has lied about anything??????????


redneckgirl 8 years, 7 months ago

all this for a ride on a bus so that people can get to Stemaboat and make more money than they do in Craig. Maybe the city should have done a $20,000 study first.


redneckgirl 8 years, 7 months ago

I was meaning county, i should read/write to paper before drinking the beer.


Blondi 8 years, 7 months ago

Yeaaaaaay.......redneckgirl....keep on drinking the beer cuz we like you enuf that we don't care how you write it..we knew what you meant and we are happy that you are having a good time....I'd even have a few with ya if I could....


redneckgirl 8 years, 7 months ago

Well thanks for all the understanding during my time of need! haha.


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