'Just a good time'

Organizers settle down, look back on 2008 Moffat County Fair


Although they seemed fatigued to the point of giddiness, Alisa Comstock and Joanne Roberson relaxed and smiled when they looked back on last week.

The Moffat County Fair began Aug. 4 and concluded Sunday. It invited residents and visitors to share in a wide range of traditional and new events.

It weathered rain and thunder, people seemed to have a good time and, on Sunday afternoon, when Comstock and Roberson dared to reminisce, the work almost was done.

"It was great," said Comstock, 4-H youth development agent. "I feel good and proud of this year's Fair."

Roberson, who has been a Fair Board member for about 10 years, said she never tires of seeing 4-H members sell the animals they've raised for the last year.

"I like watching those kids, it's fun," she said. "It's wholesome, and it helps teach kids basic values."

Roberson agreed with other volunteers that all kids should have the opportunity to experience "good, wholesome fun."

She added her favorite event still is the swine auction.

"My son did them for years, and I love them," Roberson said. "They're so smart, and kids learn a lot of things about pigs when they raise them. They have so much personality and character."

Through her work with 4-H and tenure on the Fair Board, Roberson said she has seen a few kids get a little too attached to a pig's personality and not want to give it up at auction.

"The first-years do," she said.

"But when they get older, they realize that the tooth fairy doesn't leave pork chops," Roberson added with a soft chuckle.

Kandyce Davis, 12, had to disagree with Roberson. When she looked back on this year's fair, she would remember the watermelon-eating contest.

"There was this one guy, and he was like a machine," she said. "He would just go back and forth and eat the whole thing. It was funny."

Despite a week filled with scattered rain showers and overcast afternoons, people kept coming out for the fair, Comstock and Roberson said.

"We had good (public) participation, but the weather did make it a little difficult for people to come," Roberson said. "But we enjoyed the rain anyway because it's usually so hot, the rain helped cool everybody off."

There were some new events to help draw crowds this year, too. From weiner dog races to bunny-catching, fair officials said they're open to bringing in any new event that captures "that old state fair feeling."

"It's just a good time," Roberson said. "We're thankful for everyone that came, from the buyers to the vendors to the participants."

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