June real estate transactions


— Buyer: Daniel R. and Magdalena O. Enger

Seller: Dale Kruse

Property description: 920 E. Ninth St.

Sale price: $247,700

Buyer: Janet and Michael G. Eberle

Seller: Thad A. Grandbouche

Property description: 782 Taylor St.

Sale price: $115,000

Buyer: Charles H. and Patricia A. Stauffer

Seller: Jeremy and Krista Boatman

Property description: 460 Apple St.

Sale price: $166,700

Buyer: Loren and Helen Baysinger

Seller: Crystal Rust and Richard Menzie

Property description: 2159 W. Ninth St.

Sale price: $21,000

Buyer: Johnny W. and Lori G. Mann

Seller: Mark C. and Candace A. Workman

Property description: Vacant land

Sale price: $55,000

Buyer: Travis and Ann Sondrol

Seller: Tasha Dobbs

Property description: 3651 Juniper Pl.

Sale price: $130,000

Buyer: Grant Jones and Megan E. Tomaski

Seller: Israel John James Holloway

Property description: 1177 Washington St.

Sale price: $224,000

Buyer: Robert E. and Yong S. Teeter

Seller: Douglas W. Kline

Property description: 830 Exmoor Road

Sale price: $235,000

Buyer: Brian and Camela Jo Slaight

Seller: G. Justin and Krystal Fedinec

Property description: 372 Birch St.

Sale price: $248,000

Buyer: Christopher L. Backes and Jennifer A. Talkington

Seller: Jessica M. and Michael D. Johannes

Property description: 738 Marland Ave.

Sale price: $200,500

Buyer: Lawrence A. and Lesli Anne Sanders

Seller: Lukis B. and Heather L. Burchall

Property description: 735 Taylor St.

Sale price: $159,000

Buyer: Virgil J. and Cynthia Beaver

Seller: Lewis Family Trust

Property description: 321 Clay Ave.

Sale price: $189,000

Buyer: Chris Jurney

Seller: Barbara and Darrel F. Wilaby

Property description: 891 Colorado St.

Sale price: $40,000

Buyer: Joseph N. Muldoon

Seller: Erica Eliset Loya

Property description: 918 Cottonwood Ave.

Sale price: $116,000

Buyer: Fernando F. and Lesley S. Simoes

Seller: Patrick V. Chambers

Property description: Vacant land

Sale price: $601,600

Buyer: Hilario Tarango Grajeda

Seller: Jamie Butler

Property description: 1120 Rangely Way

Sale price: $235,000

Buyer: Donald J. Minder and Joseph A. Sacro

Seller: Ralph J. and Linda L. Wood

Property description: Vacant land

Sale price: $42,000

Buyer: Losella M. and Leo A. Duran

Seller: Allan and Jessica German

Property description: 2928 Pinion Cir.

Sale price: $328,000

Buyer: Precy and Don Marchbanks

Seller: Wesley Shawn Uncapher

Property description: 355 Meadow Lane

Sale price: $245,000

Buyer: Raul E. Maldonado and Dora A. Valdez

Seller: Leo A. and Losella M. Duran

Property description: 352 Birch St.

Sale price: $227,500

Buyer: Buffalo Horn Properties LLC

Seller: Keystone Ranch Ltd

Property description: None listed

Sale price: $7.8 million

Buyer: Kevin R., Louis H. and Norma Hahn

Seller: Alfred L. Brasfield

Property description: 1282 Aspen Ave.

Sale price: $36,500

Buyer: Guadlupe Lopez Bustamante

Seller: Ana Maria Ramirez De Gonzalez

Property description: 353 Colorado St.

Sale price: $10,000

Buyer: Rhonda Berkey

Seller: Julie A. and William D. Dempster

Property description: 1150 Sequoia

Sale price: $117,000

Buyer: Benjamin J. and David W. Longwell

Seller: Lonnie and Yvonne Gustin

Property description: 415 Tucker St.

Sale price: $135,500

Buyer: James Randy and Carol J. Morton

Seller: Sandra E. King

Property description: 425 County Road 209

Sale price: $351,900

Buyer: James T. and Glenda Joyce Ayres

Seller: Gordon G. Bourdo and Eric Richard Czuk

Property description: Vacant land

Sale price: $30,000

Buyer: Robert A. Johnson

Seller: Applejacks Inc

Property description: 690 W. Victory Way

Sale price: $509,000

Buyer: Paula J. Wyman Trust

Seller: Sharyn Sanborn

Property description: 558 W. Fourth Ave.

Sale price: $70,000

Buyer: Jeff and Melissa Johns

Seller: George B. and Rebecca S. Farrington

Property description: Vacant land

Sale price: $23,000

Buyer: Dave Koran

Seller: Maxine Hall

Property description: 1549 Heather St.

Sale price: $22,000

Buyer: Gregory A. and Metta A. Cosby

Seller: Linda J. Graves

Property description: 223 W. Second St. in Dinosaur

Sale price: $16,000

Buyer: Jason W. and Tammy J. Weber

Seller: Bradley W. Sink

Property description: 557 Behrman St.

Sale price: $265,000

Buyer: Benedict Lujan, Sr.

Seller: Margaret A. Goodall

Property description: Vacant land

Sale price: $24,000

Buyer: Desa Ausmus

Seller: Randall P. and Brenda Lee Burke

Property description: 222 Barker St.

Sale price: $204,500

Buyer: Lonnie A. and Lorraine M. Kawcak

Seller: William Ellsworth Sawer

Property description: Vacant land

Sale price: $550,000

Buyer: Daniel S. Kennedy and Michael L. Herring

Seller: Charles L. Clark

Property description: 3718 Westridge Ct.

Sale price: $224,900

Buyer: Jacob A. Kruse

Seller: Richard Edwin and Amy Christine Bower

Property description: Vacant land

Sale price: $50,000

Buyer: James L. and Mae Vallem

Seller: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Property description: 785 Prairie Ave.

Sale price: $47,000

Buyer: Ryan M. Pawlowski

Seller: Jane C. Krogman

Property description: 530 W. First Ave.

Sale price: $140,000

Buyer: Brice A. Allen

Seller: Austin and Stefanie Nelson

Property description: 575 W. Seventh Ave. No. 2

Sale price: $112,000


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