Wade Gerber: Animals overpopulated


To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the letter in Saturday's paper from Phyllis Barainca.

Just to think if the Division of Wildlife could open its eyes and see what a problem it has in the overpopulation of animals and learn to do the job DOW was assigned, there wouldn't be as much of a problem.

The fact is (and the DOW will admit it) the numbers are all 30 to 60 percent higher than the numbers that the DOW has found to be the optimum number for the land. If any rancher in this land were to operate at that kind of outrageous disregard for the well being of his livestock, he would be in jail for cruelty to animals. But if the government wants to bankroll the use of all these animals, then it is OK if so many of them die in the winter.

I admit that some are going to die by natural selection, but this winter isn't any worse than the averages of the past. It seems that way due to the difference in the last few years (of milder winters). We have just been spoiled. So, maybe the Humane Society should look to see who is being cruel.

We have asked for help from the DOW for the overpopulation of antelope on our property in the way of hopefully receiving crop damage vouchers to lessen the impact of the animals on our cattle operation.

We have gone so far as to let the DOW put our name on the list to allow hunters on our property for no fee. People we don't know, don't charge and have no idea what kind of hunting ethics they hold.

The thanks we got for this was nothing.

So, if the DOW can't manage the herds, it's a good thing Mother Nature can.

Wade Gerber


calvinhobbs 8 years, 12 months ago

Thanks Wade. I know some people that have hunted antelope on your families property and they appreciate it!


hunter 8 years, 12 months ago


I appriciate the fact that you make your lands availible ofr hte public lope hunt. The reall I ssue I see wit hte antelope is they have all left the sage country to the west and endded up in pastures here to the west. I fel that he DOW is doing some things to help with this issue. For example of the lic. availible for units around here, the split is nearing 90% private land only tags and like 10% on the public lands Take a trip out through teh western parts of teh county and actually look at how many antelope there are. Last year Isprayed weeds all over the sand wash basin and up through the oil fields. I saw maybe 20 antelope total. They just simply are not out there. Instead they have moved into the private land. Now we just have to convince them to head back out into teh west. Mild winters allowed them to stay colser to the mountain. And dry summers have limited the access to water in the areas further west. Until the western areas become more attractive again tehy will continue to be bunched up on the private lands.


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