Phyllis Barainca: Resident urges DOW to 'Clean up your mess'


— Dear editor:

I drive west on Highway 40 to Maybell everyday.

I don't enjoy the drive anymore. In fact, I dread it. I have a friend who told me several months ago that we'd be able to walk across Moffat County on the carcasses of dead animals. She was right.

I haven't been east lately, but I've been told it is pretty bad. How about Highway 13 north and south? It's a nightmare.

It got worse as the snow melted. The animals had just laid down and died under the bushes, on the side of hills and how about those poor creatures that are left tangled up in the fences.

If I were a tourist traveling through Moffat County - north, south, east or west, it would only take once, and I'd never pass this way again.

DOW? Division of what? Wildlife?

It looks more like death to me. If you want to fine somebody for killing the animals, how about the DOW official who left thousands of animals to starve to death (a bullet would have more humane) or those big trucks that travel 100 miles an hour down the road, smearing anything that gets in their way.

It's disgusting (thank you Maybell Colorado Department of Transportation for cleaning them up several times already).

Oh yes, the Moffat County scenery is lovely. It should start to smell pretty good, too.

DOW, get out there and clean up your mess.

Phyllis Barainca


hunter 9 years ago

Are you serious? Why would anyone think that driving around picking up dead animals is a good use of taxpayer or sportsman dollars. There are dead animals on the roadside here every year. Some years are worse some are better. It is and getting worse simple due to teh oil and gas money. The coal trucks run ning between here and Wyoming seldom if ever slow down for animals and the oil and gas trucks between here and Rifle never bother either. There was one truck this winter that hit and killed 6 animals and seriously wounded 3 others. The driver barely hit his brakes.

I actually think that my IQ might have dropped a little from reading such a letter. It definitely is not the DOWs fault at all. The fact that other men illegally shot elk in large numbers has nothing to do with a legitimate argument, and the fact that animals starved during the winter has nothing to kdo with the problem. The problem is there are just too many vehicles or too many animals. Maybe a little of both.

By removing the animals in a round about way you are creating a negitive energy and nutrient flow. Especially if you take large numbers of animals to the dump. Again why would it be a good idea to waste man hours, gas money etc. on moving things that will have all but disappeared by mid august?


taxslave 9 years ago

In Italy they are not allowed to leave a dead carcus anywhere in that township now because of fear of speading diseases (mad cow). Now the ravens are eating their sheep alive.


slipknot 9 years ago

Just get those basking in the local jails to move the casualties far enough off the roadways to make sure the carcasses are not a hazard to traffic and let nature take its course. It would be good for a daily garbage run for the jails and maybe if those in jail lost their breakfasts over a stinking, busted up gutpile, they might think twice about doing the crime.


bigrred1576 9 years ago

bigrred1576 (Anonymous) says:

Just like the sheriff in Arizona, Go Tim. I am sure it would help some of those people. I always thought chain gangs were a good thing to have. But on the smelly note, we do have the "Where the He double LL is Maybell" Ride coming up. if i was huffing and puffing by one of them, i dont think i would like it either, but it is a fact of nature


bigrred1576 9 years ago

Native, technically CDOT does own all the way to the fence, but would'nt admit it. Until someone tries to do something else on it, then they would hollar


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