District approves $1.8 million in construction contracts


— The Moffat County School Board approved contracts for three of its capital improvement projects at Thursday night's board meeting.

The School Board contracted for new roofs in district buildings, demolition of the existing Craig Middle School and setting up modular classrooms while a new middle school is under construction.

The three contracts will cost about $1.8 million total for renovations and new construction, district finance director Mark Rydberg said.

A $29.5 million bond issue voters approved in November 2007 will pay for the projects.

The contracts "will probably get us to the end of our major projects," Assistant Superintendent Joel Sheridan said.

Unanimous votes from the School Board passed a contract with Design-Build Solutions, a Seattle-based company, for re-roofing East Elementary School, Craig Intermediate School and the district's administration building.

New watertight, 30-year roofs will cost $1.2 million to install.

Grants totaling $200,000 from the Department of Local Affairs and the Colorado Department of Education will help offset that cost, Rydberg said, bringing the district's total cost to $1 million.

Design-Build Solutions will provide all materials, labor and equipment for the project, according to the company's contract with the district.

A second contract with Pac Van will provide four modulars at the Craig Middle School site this fall, allowing students to attend classes while a new facility is constructed.

Three of the 24-by-60-foot temporary buildings will contain two classrooms each. The fourth will contain the school's administrative offices.

Each modular will cost about $90,000, including monthly rental charges and delivery and installation, adding up to $360,000.

In a third contract approved by the district, Anson Excavation and Pipe will remove asbestos from and demolish the existing middle school building and other district schools.

The middle school project will take place in three phases and will cost $495,000, Anson Excavation owner and president Mike Anson said.

Asbestos and demolition at other buildings will be "nowhere near the scope" of that at the middle school, Rydberg said.

The company will remove asbestos from the building before demolition using a wet method that will keep the asbestos from becoming airborne, district facilities manager Mike Taylor said.

State law mandates that any asbestos that is friable, or could become airborne, be removed from school buildings, Taylor said.

Since the state mandate went into effect in 1988, the district has had three asbestos inspections at Craig Middle School, he said.

"Everything that we have identified has been located," Taylor said.

Still, locating asbestos is not always an exact science.

"An inspector will come in and see something different that (another inspector) may not see," Taylor said, because asbestos may be located in tile, glues and insulation.

Because more asbestos could be found at a later date, the district made a combined contract for asbestos removal and demolition with Anson Excavation, Anson said.

The district will pay for additional asbestos found in the buildings that could not be detected by inspectors, Anson said.

Sheridan isn't ruling out that possibility.

"I think we're crossing our fingers" that more asbestos isn't found during demolition, he said.

Rydberg isn't eliminating that chance, either.

"When you dig into a 50-year-old building, there's a chance you're going to find something," he said.


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