Diane Prather

Diane Prather

Diane Prather: Prom trilogy perfect for this time of year


Diane Prather

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— It's prom time at high schools everywhere, and that's the setting for a brand new trilogy of books written for the young adult reader.

"Once Upon a Prom: Dream" is the No. 1 book of the trilogy, followed by "Once Upon a Prom #2: Dress" and "Once Upon a Prom #3: Date." Jeanine Le Ny is the author.

Everything will come together in time for the big night, but it will take three books to do it. In "Once Upon a Prom #1: Dream," this week's featured book, it's 4 weeks, 6 days, 2 hours and 27 minutes until prom.

That doesn't mean it's too early to shop for that special dress, and so three young women, all best friends since Mrs. Berry's second-grade class, are at Nordstroms trying on prom dresses.

Part of the fun is trying on the not-so beautiful dresses. Seventeen-year-old Jordan Taylor models just such a dress for best friend Nisha Khubani. It's a "Carmenesque" red satin number with a flouncing purple petticoat. Jordan is saving a one-shouldered, white silk gown, her favorite, for last.

Nisha has her eye on a pale-yellow, empire gown with satin spaghetti straps, and Tara McMillan, the other best friend, comes out of the dressing room wearing a taffeta bubble dress that resembles an upside-down mushroom.

Nisha and Tara have been shopping for dresses for weeks while Jordan's attention has been on the national cheerleading finals. Now Jordan already has her dress. Tara wonders how it is that her friend never has to settle for anything.

Jordan's boyfriend, Nate Lombardo, is a member of the Emerson High School baseball team and a quarterback on the football team.

Brian Schroder is Nisha's boyfriend of six months, and they're such a cute couple that they could have been voted "Most Likely To Live Happily Ever After," if Jordan and Nate had not been given the title already.

Brian has never met Nisha's parents nor even seen her house. Natives of India, her parented moved to America when Nisha was six, and they choose to follow Indian customs. That means not dating. Instead couples get engaged and married by parental arrangements.

So Nisha knows that her parents will not go for her having a prom date or dating Brian at all. However, she plans to set the idea of prom in motion a little at a time.

Tara, chairman of the prom committee, doesn't have a date for the prom at all, and she doesn't like the idea of going stag one bit. Then she gets a text message from an admirer that is signed with a "K." It is followed by still another message that leaves Tara wondering who "K" might be.

It's four weeks to prom and counting. Does Jordan really have everything? Can Nisha convince her parents that she should go to prom? Will Tara's secret admirer be her hot date to the prom? There's plenty more to come in this week's book, and the prom countdown continues in the other two books of the trilogy.

I think the girls will enjoy this book. It's published by Scholastic (2008), and each paperback book costs $5.99.


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