Ben Hegwer: Thanks to chamber


— Dear editor,

I would like to thank the Craig Chamber of Commerce for its endorsement of the right to work measure that will appear on the November ballot.

Not only is the freedom to choose whether I want to belong to a union a fundamental right, the amendment would help Colorado's economy at a time when we need the help.

Further, the chamber was right on in criticizing the absurd measure being pushed by big labor. Anytime we talk about "mandates" on business, a red flag should be raised. I find it ironic that unions, who are supposed to be helping their members, are pushing laws that would actually destroy jobs in Colorado.

In November, vote "yes" on right to work and "no" on any of those union mandates.

Ben Hegwer


Florida2548 8 years, 11 months ago

Excellent article and you are 100% on the money....unions have destroyed many a business...i.e. look at the auto industry....why do you think that Toyota is #1 in the world now....they don't have oppressive unions. When America wakes up it might be too late.


grannyrett 8 years, 11 months ago

When unions were first organized, they were great. They helped put a stop to sweatshops, 70 hour work weeks, and got benefits for the working man/woman. However, they have outlived their purpose. They have become bloated with corruption. Auto workers that have been laid off show up, sit in a lounge all day and collect their wages. That is one reason auto companies are losing so much money. They have strangled the same people they were organized to help. They have taken control of the companies that employ their workers. It's time for companies to get rid of them. The working people of this country will not go back to what was. There is nothing wrong with a fair days wage for a fair days work, but unions place so many stipulations of everything that they tie the hands of companies. When you can not fire a worker for not doing his/her job, that is to much interference. Unions have gone way overboard to the point of bankrupting many companies. As with anything else-when it does more damage than good-get rid of it.


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