Chris Phillips raises his arms in November's Ultimate Cage Fighting event. Phillips lost to Jesse Caperton by second-round knockout.

Photo by Hans Hallgren

Chris Phillips raises his arms in November's Ultimate Cage Fighting event. Phillips lost to Jesse Caperton by second-round knockout.

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Ultimate cage fighting event Saturday


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• What: "Rampage in the cage" ultimate cage fighting event

• When: 7 p.m. Saturday, doors open at 6 p.m.

• Where: Moffat County Ice Arena, 600 S. Ranney

• Cost: $25 General admission, $35 cage side, $50 front row

• For more information, call 824-4700

— Holistic Health & Fitness co-owners Karrie Booth and Josh Magnuson's vision: To organize a series of cage fighting events in Northwest Colorado.

On Nov. 18, 2007, Holistic held what Booth called "a trial run" cage fighting event at the Moffat County Fairgrounds.

Twenty-two fighters shed blood sweat and tears in the octagon cage to a sellout crowd of more than 500 spectators.

But, because of certain sanctions with the promoter, they couldn't fulfill the vision that they had.

"We are thankful for the success we had at the last event," Booth said. "But, we wanted to do" it differently.

So, Booth and Magnuson did whatever it took to make their vision come to fruition.

The duo obtained a promoter's license and established their own circuit - Rampage Promotions - and have moved the event to a bigger location.

Rampage Promotions is presenting the first of what Booth hopes will be many cage fighting events Saturday at the Moffat County Ice Arena.

The event labeled "Rampage in a cage" begins at 7 p.m. with doors opening at 6 p.m.

"We really want to have a series of fights that concludes with a championship each year," Booth said. "One may be in Craig, the next in Meeker and maybe Steamboat, also. We don't want to flood the market, but we want people to have a favorite fighter that they can cheer for like they do at the professional level."

Booth said "about 50 percent" of the fighters from November's event already are signed up, but Saturday's event will be different from what fans saw in November.

"This is the real deal," Booth said. "Last time we had people walk in off the street with no experience, wanting to fight. This time everybody is training and working hard to get ready."

Fighters will be matched up by weight class and experience.

As an on-the-rise amateur fighting circuit, Rampage Promotions isn't allowed to reward victorious fighters with cash prizes.

"Rampage in the cage" does have a few sponsors who will award prizes to those who win, and Booth said "plain old bragging rights" are at stake.

Each fight consists of three 3-minute rounds, which differs from the one 2-minute round fight in November.

Elbows weren't allowed then, but they are now.

"We are fully sanctioned now, so these guys can go all out," Booth said. "Everything goes."

Tickets for the event will be available at the Moffat County Ice Arena front door Saturday. Advanced tickets can be purchased at Holistic Health & Fitness.

Booth said all the cage-side seats are sold out, but there are plenty of general admission seats available still.

Rampage Promotions also is offering a promotion to prom-going students on the eve of the fight.

Students dressed in their prom attire will only be charged half of the admission, and an announcement will be made to those in attendance not to miss the dance.


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