Chuck Mack: Craig in throes of building boom


— This article originally was published in the Steamboat Pilot on June 16, 1909.

Pilots Correspondent Writes Entertainingly of Doings in the "Key City"

C. M. White has caught the spirit of improvement that has so many Craig people in its grip. The result is one of the nicest and best-equipped meat markets in the county. Mr. White is aware that the people of this town are deserving of the best and is doing his share to give it to them.

Craig has a building boom. Everybody and his neighbor is anxious to put up a house of some sort. A residence, a store, a hotel, a livery barn, an office building, anything in the shape of a building to rent to someone seems to be the ambition of the average Craig citizen. Looks as though the people have lots of confidence in the future of the town, doesn't it? One of the most valuable additions to the town is the new hotel building, which Lanford McMullin has almost completed. When finished and furnished, it will be a credit to the town as well as one of the best hotels in the county.

The anticipated rush of home seekers and investors to this part of the county has not materialized to any great extent. To be sure, quite a number have come in and filed on land, others have bought here and there, but there has been no rush. Just why this is cannot be determined in view of the fact that the eastern end of the county is overrun with newcomers. But the conclusion is that it must be the general ignorance of the fact that Steamboat Springs is only a gateway, so to speak.

Visitors to that burg surely cannot know that here is the land of promise, the land flowing with milk and honey, the real Valley of Blessedness. This general ignorance is not to be wondered at because those who come here never go away again and so cannot carry the news outside to others. When the truth does cross the divide and reach the outside world, the railroads won't be able to carry the pilgrims.


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