Robert and Sabrina Bowersox: Extending prayers to a runaway daughter


— (Editor's note: Sabrina Bowersox published the text below as a blog earlier this week on the Daily Press' Web site. She asked that the blog, written as an open letter to her daughter, Brandi May Gourley, who was last seen Monday at Moffat County High School and may have runaway to New Mexico, be published as a letter to the editor.)

To the Editor,


First of all, I know now you are God's child and not mine, so I must let God keep you safe until you are found and returned to our care. Growing up is hard enough to do already without being a runaway, also.

I think of how hard it will be for you to catch up on school work. I know you don't want to be like me, but you are doing crazy stuff without total thought process. I pray you are warm, since you left your coats. I pray you have food, since you have no money.

I pray someone will help you to have clean clothes, since you don't have a free washer and dryer. I pray you get a job soon to support this endeavor you have taken on.

I wish you the best and praying for your safe return. Know that there are people from church crying for us and praying without ceasing. Brandi, you are special, you are loved, you are wanted.

Love always,

Mom and Dad (Robert and Sabrina Bowersox)


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