Debi Harmon: Showing support for Red Cortner


— To the Editor,

It's preposterous to hear Red Cortner was even considered of any wrongdoing in the Country Mall fire.

I personally worked very close with Red establishing the Northwest Coloardo Dental Care Clinic on Yampa Avenue. I assure you, this clinic would have never come to fruition without the generosity and hard work of Red Cortner.

He involved a couple of his business partners and negotiated thousands of dollars of in-kind contributions. In addition, he personally absorbed thousands of dollars in cost to complete this project.

Why? Not for personal gain, but because it was identified in a formal assessment as an 'unmet need' in the community.

Although the clinic serves several counties, those counties contributed nothing to the capital expense. Red took the lead, paid the expenses and stayed behind the scenes asking for nothing in return.

It saddens me to hear the accusations made of Red. For that reason, I'm inspired to express my sincere condolences to the ignorant parties pursuing such nonsense; and to offer my utmost support to a man who has brought favorable changes to the underserved population - many of whom most people don't recognize exists.

Red, you may be rough around the edges at times, but your heart is huge, your pockets deep for the needy, and your intentions pure. You have my respect and appreciation for all you have done for the community of Craig.


Debi Harmon

Past Ex. Dir. of NW CO. Dental Coalition

Past Moffat County Resident


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