Carol Jacobson and Caroline Dotson: Eighth-graders express challenges in poetry


— To the Editor,

For the second year, Downtown Books and the Craig Poets have sponsored a poetry contest for students in eighth grade at the Craig Middle School.

This year was just as challenging to judge the work of these young people as last. The students write about things they had experience with: sports, the seasons (particularly this last winter), hunting, their friends, the war in Iraq, the upcoming elections, their families.

They write about the challenges that face young people today including drinking and driving, cancer, about how hard it is to be a survivor when friends die, especially from suicide.

They wrote about the seasons in Colorado and the beauty of the natural world. Most importantly, they all wrote something special and precious.

They used creative language: "forever faithful family," and "rivers like radiant suns," and "smirking bullets/random lead," and "a sea of fans" at the Superbowl. They wrote from their hearts and with imagination.

We are pleased to announce the winners.

In Mr. Morris's class, the first place winner is "Craig's Brutal Winter in 2008" by Kadi Scott; second place is "Marla" by Kelly Ciesco, third place is "Baby America" by Annie Sadvar. Honorable Mention poems are: "Silent Red Giants" by Kaitlen Bird and "A Grand Canyon Indeed" by Jamie Brown.

In Ms. Bolstad's class, the first place winner is "The Box" by Garrette Reece; second place is "New Family Members" by Sean Johnson; third place is "Pit Bulls" by April Rogers. Honorable Mention poems are "Beggars" by Lupe Rodriguez" and "Why" by Shilo Simpson.

All the winning students are invited to read their poems at a special poetry reading from 5 to 6 p.m. April 24 at Serendipity Coffee Shop.

Carol Jacobson and Caroline Dotson


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