Wyoming police locate absconder

Craig man being held in Uinta County



Steve Tamlin

Story at a glance

• Wyoming authorities find convicted Craig man at hotel.

• Jury convicted man Wednesday of second-degree assault and he faces prison time.

• Failed to appear in court for jury verdict.

• He was found in Evanston, Wyo., a town about 273 miles from Craig.

• Disappearance prompted one Craig resident to request additional patrols of home and property.

Authorities in Evanston, Wyo., arrested a Craig man at a hotel late Friday night on a warrant for failing to appear for a jury's verdict in Moffat County.

A jury convicted Steve Tamlin, 41, on Wednesday in Moffat County District Court of second-degree assault and a crime of violence sentence enhancer. The penalties carry a mandatory Department of Corrections sentence.

However, Tamlin did not appear for a reading of the jury's verdict and judge Michael O'Hara issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

Bill Jeffers, a lieutenant and public information officer with the Evanston Police Department, said two officers spotted a vehicle Tamlin was reported to be driving with matching Colorado plates about 11 p.m. Friday in the hotel parking lot.

Evanston is a town in the far southwest corner of Wyoming, approximately 273 miles from Craig, near the Wyoming-Utah border.

The officers found Tamlin, who has an extensive criminal history in Moffat County dating back to at least 1991, including convictions for burglary, assault, domestic violence, violating a protection order, escape and criminal mischief, among others, in a hotel room.

Police reports about Tamlin indicated he is "very violent," Jeffers said, though officers took him into custody Friday without incident.

Tamlin was searched for weapons, Jeffers said, and was found with a small knife in his pocket. He was then taken to the Uinta County Jail and booked in on the Moffat County warrant; he faces no local charges from his short time in Wyoming.

Investigator K.C. Hume, of the Moffat County Sheriff's Office, said there is no timetable on when Tamlin will be extradited back to Moffat County, where he awaits sentencing on his recent trial convictions.

"Once they give us a call, we'll go get him," Hume said.

According to the Moffat County criminal complaint, Tamlin assaulted a man in August 2007. He also faced two counts of intimidating a witness/victim, though the jury found him innocent of one count and the court dismissed the other during trial.

His disappearance prompted at least one Moffat County resident to request additional patrols of his or her home.

Hume said there was no contact between Tamlin and the resident, who left town for the weekend, and his or her property.

"We continued to do extra patrols in case he showed up, but there was no contact at all," the investigator said.

A sentencing hearing for Tamlin has not been scheduled.

Deputy District Attorney Jeremy Snow said he could not comment on whether Tamlin would face additional charges in Moffat County for fleeing. When returned, Tamlin will be held without bond, he said.


sickandtired 9 years ago

Why cant the Frickin Daily Press post an article online without covering up that article with a picture and sidebar? Can you not learn how to paste the sidebar on the side?!


Taylor 9 years ago

Frustrating...but most of the time, if you hit "reload" it comes up right.


Ray Cartwright 9 years ago

"When returned, Tamlin will be held without bond." Until the judge lets him out on bail awaiting trial? 0:(


lonelyone 9 years ago

Sickandtired, we've had this discussion before and I'm not sure it is because of something the paper does or your/my program. Anyway we learned several months ago to fix the problem and I hope I can explain it to you. I think this will only work if your mouse has a scroll wheel on it tho. Click on the empty space and press the "ctrl" key...........now while holding that key down move your scroll wheel back and forth. That should move the picture to where you want it, but it can also make the print smaller. In the lower right hand corner of your screen you'll see a +/- with a number and % sign, while still holding down the "ctrl" key move the scroll wheel on your mouse back or forward to bring that number back to 100%, then let go of the "ctrl" key and poof, your pictures should be right where you want them. I've not tried the "reload" deal as Taylor suggested. I'm guessing that would be the same as "refreshing" but don't know? Anyway,, even tho my way sounds confusing at first, it works.


lonelyone 9 years ago

After reading some other stuff in the paper I decided to go back to an article I had to move the pictures on. I tried Taylor's advise about using the reload button. Only on my computer it is refresh........but hey it worked great and I learned something new today. WOHOO!!


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