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Craig Editorial Board

  • Bryce Jacobson, newspaper representative
  • Jennifer L. Grubbs, newspaper representative
  • Bridget Manley, newspaper representative
  • Allan Reishus, community representative
  • Chris Runyan, community representative
  • Ken Wergin, community representative

What is quality growth?

Do we want dirt roads or do we want developers to pave the way?

Are there appropriate codes for new growth?

Do we want to encourage growth, or should we slow the pace?

And, perhaps most importantly, if you want to have a say in these matters, where does one go to be heard?

Too often residents wait to make their voices heard when a plan is a City Council or County Commission vote away from being put into place.

Unfortunately, the council or commission floors often are the wrong place to change a plan that's about to be set in motion.

This is not to disparage the council or commission, nor does it mean that councilors or commissioners won't listen to someone's complaint or issue.

Rather, it's to point out when a plan or issue comes to a vote in front of these two boards, many steps have been taken, and possibly other preliminary boards have looked and weighed in, as well as city or county staff.

More than likely, the issue has been cussed and discussed at length with most of the change happening early on and with fine-tuning coming later.

To clarify the point: The real place to make a difference and to be heard is during the front end of the planning process, when it's coming together - not when it is going to be finalized.

And the more voices heard early on in these processes, the better off the final product will be.

Those glaring holes in a plan that you lament wouldn't be there had you pointed them out in the planning process, but in order to do that, you have to be involved. Your perspective may be the one that saves the city or county a load of headaches.

And there may be no better time to get involved, with so much happening in the area.

There is a new hospital, new middle school, upgrades to district schools, as well as potential construction with the college.

New businesses have come, such as Wal-Mart, and more businesses are coming, such as Walgreen's and Sonic. Several subdivisions are making their way through the process.

Growth, whether you believe it is good or bad, is coming.

How do we handle it?

You decide.

Don't follow the plan of least resistance and just complain after the fact. Get involved and put some mental equity into the future of Craig and Moffat County.

And make sure your government is giving adequate notice for you to get involved.

But, don't speak up after the fact, when nothing can be done.

Speak up when it matters most, when real change can occur.


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