Kelley Davis: Taking issue with letter about poster


To the editor,

I am writing this letter in response to another letter to the editor that was recently published.

To begin with, I want to state that I am biased in this matter as the artist of the poster for Craig's Centennial happens to be my mother, but be that as it may, there are several errors in Ms. McCaffrey's letter that I would like to address.

First of all, her assumption that the poster was chosen as the winner by just the mayor is wrong and unfair, as there was a committee made up of both men and women who voted it as the winner, not to mention that the poster itself was designed and executed by a woman. Also, there was a people's choice contest during the Art Walk in February, where all of the posters that had been submitted were displayed and voted on by men, women and children, and this poster also was named as the winner.

Secondly, I find Ms. McCaffrey's assumption that women are incapable of having anything to with the museum, library, college, power plant, center of Craig or the hunting, mining or ranching industries (these are all images that are on the poster) as offensive and insulting. Women and even children are all active supporters and even employees of these establishments.

In no way is it implied or stated that these are strictly male endeavors; quite the opposite as the small figurines on the poster could be male or female, and I feel it is Ms. McCaffrey's own narrow mindedness that projects them as men. Hunters and miners can be, and often are, women.

Thirdly, if Ms. McCaffrey had really bothered looking at the poster, she would have seen that there are indeed sheep portrayed on it. I do not know if they are rams or ewes, but they are definitely there.

Finally, in using this forum to express her hatred of men and insult them, Ms. McCaffrey also has maligned and denied the hard work and talents of all the women of this community, not least, the artist of this lovely poster.

Kelley Davis


grannyrett 8 years, 11 months ago

Great letter Kelley! How proud you must be of your Mom. She really did a great job on the poster and should be very proud of it.


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