George K. Lewis: People in town deserve honors


To the editor:

I see no reason to say anything more than the letter of April 4, "Bring honor back to Mr. Cortner" stated, and which was signed by nine individuals. Bless them all, and I would have been honored to have made it ten signatures, if I had had the opportunity to do so.

While we are on the subject of honor, perhaps it would be timely to honor some folks that have been part of the community for the last 9 years. One of them, Donna Watkins has, in a very professional manner, furthered the quality of the three libraries in Moffat County. Both she and her husband Charlie have done so many things in volunteering their time and talents for the community, it would be a challenge to enumerate. Some of what they have done for individuals will have to be left unmentioned but those who received their help will always be thankful I'm sure.

Charlie, who is retired from the military, became involved with the local VFW Post 4265 and held the position of Post Commander for two years. During one of those years, the Post hosted the State VFW Convention. While working within the Post he made many trips to Washington D.C., continuing to push for more benefits for Veterans with help from the Salazar brothers, in obtaining a Veterans Clinic for Northwestern Colorado which materialized last year and is operating in a manner that made many medical trips to Grand Junction unnecessary. Charlie also played a big part in getting the Vietnam Wall to Craig last year. While being involved with VFW state functions the last two years, he has been Chief of Staff for the State Commander, which results in frequent trips to different VFW Posts around the state.

As mentioned above, it has been a challenge to do justice in recognizing these folks. They have done so much more than the above. The community of Craig will miss Charlie and Donna, upon their retirement.

George K. Lewis


Taxpayer 9 years ago

Well Done! We need more support on those in the community to work hard to make our County and City a much better environment for all of us. Thanks for stepping forward!

Patricia McCaffrey, Taxpayer, Business Owner, and foremost an American Citizen


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