Patricia McCaffrey: Women not represented on Centennial poster


To the editor:

I was surprised, or rather shocked and appalled, at the poster for Craig's Centennial.

From the illustration on the poster, it is obvious that several areas of Craig's historical importance were ignored or not portrayed.

Foremost, the contributions of women, the children in our community and the sheep industry aren't represented on the poster at all.

I suppose that sheep can probably be overlooked because they aren't the largest agriculture contributor at this time, and children grow up to be adults, but forgetting the contributions of women to the city of Craig is disgraceful, disrespectable and unforgiving.

I am thrilled beyond belief to know our mayor thinks this is a good poster. So does that mean he doesn't feel the contributions of women are significant enough to be on the poster? That would be out of character for Mayor Don Jones, and I doubt he personally feels women in our community are insignificant.

If anyone has doubts about the role of women in Craig, they just need to walk into our museum and see the information about women in Craig and their relative importance to the history of our area.

Of course, it is much too late to change the poster, but I am truly saddened at the lack of acknowledgement of women who played such an integral role in the first 100 years of Craig's history, and hopefully women won't be overlooked at the celebration of Craig's sesquicentennial.

I will leave the blowing up of balloons to the men; it would be a good use of all that hot air as they try to explain this charade and failure to give credit when credit is due.

Patricia McCaffrey


George Robertson 9 years ago

Shucks, and this time I thought they were going to be able to please Everyone.


grannyrett 9 years ago

Oh, waaaah! I don't see outlaws, bears, lions, carpenters, bartenders, waitresses, or any number of other people on the poster. Maybe I should be insulted. Ms. McCaffrey, get a life!


notmpoppins 9 years ago

Ms.McCaffrey... did you offer to volunteer and help the centennial commitee at any time so that your input could be heard? I am sure alot of hours and thought went into the design of the poster. In a nut shell Ms. M......sign up or shut up.


Taxpayer 9 years ago

And they forgot the cattle on the poster too! But then again, maybe we don't have any ranchers around the area. I have a very busy and full life, but do as much volunteering as possible. Fortunately for me, my parents instilled the value of civic duty, volunteering, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, which all give me the right as an American to voice my feelings opinions, beliefs, and comments. I have written a lot of letters positive about things in Craig along with letters on things which could be improved within the community. I believe in Lighting a candle versus cursing the darkness, and work hard to support various activities within the community.
I have received a lot of comments from the community who agree with me and feel that we shouldn't have rushed the poster and made sure all of the community was represented. While I have been told lately, that I have brass ones, I sign my name to all my letters, posts, etc. Patricia McCaffrey, Taxpayer, Business Owner, and foremost an American Citizen!


Globe 9 years ago

All - ITS A POSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An individual designed it and entered it into a contest. The rules were that the best poster would be picked from among those that entered posters. While their were many great posters, this was the best. The rules of the contest was not "make a good poster and we will add to it to make it right" it was make a good poster and if its picked we will use it. Oh and one other thing --- ITS A POSTER!!!!


Taxpayer 9 years ago

I don't disagree, it's too bad that it doesn't represent all of Craig's community. Look at the nice ones that get done every year for the Sheep Dog Trials in Meeker. And it is a poster that should represent 100 years of Craig -- Maybe someone will add other items to the next big celebration in 50 years. :-)

Patricia McCaffrey, Taxpayer, Business Owner, and American Citizen!


grannyrett 9 years ago

Ms. McCaffrey-How big a poster did you want? There is no way to put 100 years of history on a poster. I thought it was a really nice poster and did a good job of representing our community. Sure, other things could have been put on it. Lot's of other things could have been put on it. But, I for want a nice general representation of this community. That's what this poster is. I think they did a really good job with it, and we should appreciate it.


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