Commission approves park contract without bid process


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At its Tuesday meeting, the Moffat County Commission:

• Awarded a bid for crack seal material for the Road and Bridge Department to GMCO Corp. for about 46 cents a pound. The county plans to order about 25,000 pounds, totaling $11,462.50.

— The importance of getting the job done compelled the Moffat County Commission to forgo its normal bidding process for a Loudy-Simpson Park project, Commissioner Tom Gray said.

At a special meeting Monday, the Commission awarded a contract to Maybell Enterprises to provide rock for Yampa River banks near Loudy-Simpson, totaling a $13,186 contract for the company.

The rocks are intended to prevent further erosion of the riverbanks.

The Commission felt it was necessary to approve the project without allowing other companies to bid because of the time-sensitive nature of the riverbanks by Loudy-Simpson, Gray said.

Also, he added, Maybell Enterprises had submitted the low bid to provide the same kind of rock to put at the stocked fishpond located at Loudy-Simpson's entrance on Dec. 18, so the county knew its price was fair.

Erosion of the river's sides threatens to destroy a section of the walking path that runs along its bank, Gray said. He added that the stocked fishpond located at Loudy-Simpson's entrance could also collapse into the river if nothing is done.

"The banks have really been eroding there," he said. "We lost about 10 feet last year, and it's getting dangerously close to the path and also the pond there."

The county expects there to be a significant snowmelt this year, Gray said. That could cause waters along the eroded portion of the river to swell in the next few weeks, making it impossible for county Road and Bridge Department crews to install the rock, which is why the Commission felt the project needed to happen immediately.

Also, Gray said, Road and Bridge Department officials told him the department's crews would be available for work next week, but after that, they likely would be needed to clear roads farther out in the county from Craig.

"We will be glad to get this done this spring because we're anticipating high water fairly soon," Gray said. "If we waited, we could lose the trail and some other things."

The new contract comes 104 days after the Commission approved the first one for rock at the fishpond, which was worth $23,904, county Budget Analyst Tinneal Gerber said.

The county has a standing policy that extra materials for similar projects do not need to be re-bid if it's within 90 days. Although this instance is just outside that period, Gray said, the Commission did not think so much time elapsed that prices would have changed much.

Road and Bridge crews should have the project completed this week, Gray said.

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