Our View: Ridiculous indeed


As the assortment of fireworks shot into the Friday night sky during the pregame, halftime and closing activities of the Moffat County High School homecoming game, the responses could easily be heard over the thundering booms.


Only to be immediately followed by "awwwwwe."

Which was followed by someone saying, "You're going to need sun screen," referring to the bright lights illuminating the sky.

Simply put, it was a fireworks show to rival and surpass most cities' Fourth of July shows.

And it was at a high school football game.

The show also elicited a different response from a newcomer - "This is ridiculous."

Ridiculous indeed.

And it shouldn't be any other way.

As the Editorial Board members reflected upon the homecoming week that was, we saw many of the traits that make living in a small town so enjoyable, including setting off fireworks that could be seen and heard across town as part of a high school football game.

Equally impressive was seeing the plethora of people supporting the homecoming parade, and the high school's science Olympics is a great part of the homecoming voyage, even if many of the cardboard box boats were unable to complete their voyages across the Loudy-Simpson Park pond, as was the goal.

The Editorial Board also applauds the effort of the high school marching band. It is truly great to see you back on the field again.

And while all of these traits were impressive to see, what was not seen was just as evident.

Although the parade was well attended, only the freshman class constructed a float for it.

The community came out in force to see the parade and the football game, but it would have also been nice to see more businesses get involved with the homecoming spirit by putting up Bulldog banners or having their windows painted in blue and white (the Daily Press being one company who needs to do so in the future).

And the science Olympics are such a great success, the Editorial Board couldn't help but wonder if there are ways to get more spectator-type educational opportunities involved with the homecoming week so the spectrum of the whole school can be on display?

Why didn't more of us get into the spirit of the week? It's likely a reason that many of us feel day in and day out - a lack of time.

It used to be that living in a small town meant you could take time and be more involved in community events.

It begs the question, are we outgrowing the traits that make living in a small town so great?

The Editorial Board members hope not, and despite how much we grow, we encourage you take time to get involved in your community, to take time to know your neighbors, and to take time to enjoy the small things in life.

But more so than anything, take time to do those "ridiculous" things that make Craig so great.


redneckgirl 9 years, 6 months ago

I agree that the businesses around town should show more support. I did happen to be at that game and was shocked at the disrespect of the youth attending. The response from the high school students sitting in the middle section when Mr. Tague announced that Dr. John Ilko had put on the firework show was filled with boo's. All the adults attending that game applauded, the student booed. I wouldn't blame Dr. Ilko if he never supported our school or football program ever again. What kind of thanks was that from a bunch of disrespectful, foul mouthed, barely clothed teenagers? Half the crowd that was sitting behind the teenagers got up and left the game before the 1st quarter was even over with because the "kids" would not sit down. I understand its fun to stand and yell for your team (or boo at the fireworks) but why not sit in the back rows? Duh! I couldn't even begin to count how many little teenage girls had either their panties showing out the back of their shorts or their other parts hanging out. The foul language coming from the whole teenage crowd was even more ridiculous. The gentlemen next to me got up and took his five year old home because it was so bad.
Whoever designed those stands was pretty dumb as well. If you are on the bottom 6 rows, you can't see because the track itself is 2 feet above the bottom bleacher. Then you put all the kids walking back and forth in front of you and all the rude people standing at the fence to watch and it makes for the worst football game you could ever attend. I understand the need for bathroom visits and concession stands but why not put all that behind the stands so that people walk to the center and up to get to those things. I wonder if this designer had ever been to a real football field or any type of sporting event place, that's how they all are built so that people are not walking in front of you. I have two football players in my family so I will have to endure the crappy stands and the jerk kids. My oldest is in 8th grade yet no media has yet to mention their games or how well they are doing this season.


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