Tracey Lathrop and Dennis C. P. Dickson: Thank you to woman who aided elderly lady


To the Editor:

This letter is to the stellar, kind-hearted, young woman who helped a frail, elderly woman who had fallen on the corner of Sixth and Ledford on Aug. 31.

You very sweetly saw her home, where she would be safe and cared for.

Thank you, young lady. That elderly lady you found on the ground is Dennis, and she would very much like you to know how greatly she appreciated your assistance that day.

Dennis was pretty shook up and frightened, and doesn't remember your name; but she will always remember your generosity of heart and time. These words do not even begin to cover Dennis' and my sincere gratitude. You had the kindness, strength of character, courage and integrity to take the time to investigate and assist her home.

Dennis is doing very well, now, her wounds are healing, and her voice has returned. She's just itchin' to start taking her daily hikes again.

Thank you, Dear One.

May God bless you and you love always.

Tracey Lathrop and

Dennis C. P. Dickson


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