L J Davis: Patients need to be patient at TMH


— To the editor:

In my line of work, I have spent quite some time in the emergency room at The Memorial Hospital.

I, personally, have been there twice as a patient. I have been in a position to hear many conversations between patients and their families/friends, and even out in our community in restaurants and stores. Wow, what an awakening.

People from outside this area are amazed and grateful for the care they receive, as well as the short amount of time they have to spend in the ER. In most other ERs, a minimum of a six-hour turn around time (the amount of time from admit to discharge) is amazingly quick.

On the other hand, I have heard people from our own community make some truly derogatory comments about the ER and the hospital in general. People here have become spoiled by the small community hospital. Ignorance is bliss? The Memorial Hospital has become busier by the day, and more so in the ER. There are those who do not care how busy it is: they want what they want and they want it now.

I am amazed at the comments I have heard from other patients when the ER staff is busy with a critically ill or injured patient.

Here is something to think about in these situations: Be grateful it is not you or a family member in critical condition. Do not whine because they haven't fed you and you haven't eaten in 16 hours. It's a hospital, not a restaurant, and there is a cafeteria just down the hall. If you come in with a sore throat that you have had for two weeks, it's a hospital, not a clinic.

Please be considerate of actual emergencies. I am sorry people, but get a clue. There is one doctor, one nurse, and one technician, and no room to support more staff. Try to be more compassionate and considerate towards others around you. Take heed of the word emergency in emergency room.

I have recently heard comments such as; "I don't know why they think they need a new hospital when they can't even handle the patients they have now." Talk about closed minded.

Think about it. A new facility will offer more room, more privacy, newer equipment, ability to use up to date technology, an ER nurses station that can allow more staff to care for more patients.

Yes, they do need a new hospital. We need a new hospital.

The emergency room staff has my sympathy and my admiration for what they do, how they handle some of the emergencies that come in, and how they put up with some of the people that come in. God Bless you all at The Memorial Hospital for all you do for us in this community, and for those who visit our community. If I need a hospital, I will choose The Memorial Hospital.

L J Davis


redneckgirl 9 years, 5 months ago

I just wanted to respond to this letter with my own personal opinion of our ER staff. I have two pre-teen boys that have both had their fair share of the ER throughout this year. One of my boys was in football so we were at the ER quite frequently. My other son was so very ill that they were preparing to fly him to children's hospital in Denver. I admire the staff for admitting that even though they are doctors; they were not quite sure about my son and didn't want to jeopardize his health by "guessing" what his illness might have been. When we arrived with my son that night, the ER was full of patients. My son was given the most attentive care because he was the most serious patient in there at that time. When I had my other son in there for a broken hand; of course we weren't expecting the ER staff to put us ahead of anybody that was in more need of medical attention. For the people that expect to put ahead of somebody more serious, then maybe they are at the wrong type of hospital. I think our hospital staff is wonderful. That is all the staff, not just the ER. My kids were given the best treatment by everyone especially Dr. Riley (my heart goes out to her now) and the nurses


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