Bill Ronis: Model character for our children


— Our third-grade class volunteers to raise and lower the flags each day outside in front of our school.

We go out as a class, raise the flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Wednesday, a Craig police officer stopped his patrol car, got out and asked the kids if he could join them in raising the flag and saying the pledge. After the pledge, he thanked the children and told them how important the flag was to him.

As a I teacher, I know that it takes the whole community to educate children. I am very impressed and appreciative of Officer Dale Secules for taking time to stop and help with my students' education.

He modeled great character and patriotism for the children.

Bill Ronis

Sunset Elementary


jdsd00 9 years, 5 months ago

That is great to hear. Bill, good job for teaching our kids about our flag and pledge of allegiance. Also thank you for writing a letter and sharing this story. Thank you Dusty for also taking time for our children. I'm sure they will remember that for many years, as will I.


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