Mike and Jeannie Albee: Don't believe rumors; speak out for the truth


The American Heritage Dictionary defines rumor as unverified information of uncertain origin, usually spread by word of mouth; gossip; hearsay.

Rumors are usually started by people who have a poor self-image and feel threatened by their victims. They have a pathological need to feel important and make themselves look better to those around them, just like a playground bully.


Rumors can be unbelievably destructive and ruin the reputation and possibly the careers of their victims, especially in small communities like Craig.

Mean-spirited and evil people who start rumors (and you know who you are) have only one objective, and that is to destroy another human being.nd to the people who repeat them, shame on you.

In the past few weeks, rumors have been rampant concerning a certain individual who is respected and admired by a majority of the community. This person's passion was to work with the youth of Craig and instill a sense of pride and sportsmanship in each and every one.

Is it possible that he lost his coaching job based on rumor? How could anyone with any shred of decency not make the slightest attempt to find the truth?

Why is this community passively accepting the sad events of the past few weeks? Why are many of you so afraid to speak out? Is it small town politics? Are you afraid of what your friends and neighbors will think? Where justice is concerned, we believe it is a person's obligation to come forward and fight for the truth.

"A mind conscious of innocence laughs at the lies of rumor." -- Will Rogers

Mike and Jeannie Albee

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