Weight for it

Largest Loser competition challenges Craig residents to lose weight, get healthy


Carrying around a few extra pounds? Starting this week, you've got a chance to do something about it.

Craig's Largest Loser, a weight-loss competition modeled after the hit NBC television show "The Biggest Loser," begins Friday with registration and a weigh-in at MJK Sales and Feed, 290 Ranney.


Registration lasts from 8 a.m. to noon.

The contest, sponsored by The Memorial Hospital, the Craig Daily Press, KRAI and Chaos Ink, concludes with a second weigh-in Aug. 30.

"We're just hoping people that do it pick up some healthy habits and lose some weight along the way," said Amy Knights, TMH diabetes educator/wellness coordinator.

Craig's Largest Loser entails individuals and teams competing against one another on weight lost, based on percentage. Health-oriented prizes will be awarded to winners.

People can't lose weight without exercising and changing their diet, Knights said.

She said a good start for people looking to shed pounds is to simply "start moving."

"Don't sit on your behind all day," Knights said.

For those with a sedentary lifestyle, Knights advises to start slowly by walking 10 to 15 minutes per day. Then, gradually increase your exercise time to 30 minutes and so on, she said.

This will help "burn more calories than you're putting in your mouth."

Her advice for dieting is just as simple -- eat smaller meals.

"People eat too large of portions," she said. "Food is a comfort thing, a social thing, too, so we like to eat.

"Sometimes you don't always need to clean your plate."

Another simple but effective dietary tip is drinking more water. Knights said a person should consume half his or her body weight in ounces of water each day. For example, if a person weighs 200 pounds, that person should be drinking 100 ounces of water per day.

"Nobody takes in enough water," she said, adding that people sometimes confuse hunger pangs with the body being dehydrated.

Based on recent Moffat County data, some dieting and exercise might be good for local residents.

According to the 2005-06 Community Indicators Project, the average Body Mass Index for men and women in Moffat County older than 19 years meets the definition of overweight, and in some cases, obesity.

The entry fee to compete in the individual or team categories in Craig's Largest Loser is $10 per person; the fee includes a free T-shirt and water bottle. Step counters will be available for additional purchase.

For $100 per person, contestants can undergo testing at TMH to measure cholesterol, body fat, blood pressure, heart rate, flexibility and strength, among other indicators. Addit-ional follow-ups, monitoring progress and nutritional counseling costs $25.

For more information, call Knights at 826-2511 or Arin Koone at 826-3287.

Joshua Roberts can be reached at 824-7031, ext. 210, or jroberts@craigdailypress.com.

Craig's Largest Loser, a weight-loss contest modeled after the NBC television show "The Biggest Loser," begins Friday and runs to Aug. 30. People can compete in either the team or individual category for $10 per person. Registration takes place Friday.

For more information, call Amy Knights at 826-2511 or Arin Koone at 826-3287.

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