Shelly Flannery: Thank you to Olde West Days attendees


Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Grand Olde West Days Committee, Moffat County Tourism Association, NWCO Cultural & Heritage Tourism and the Colorado State Tourism Ambassador program, I would like to thank all of the groups, organizations, vendors, volunteers, business owners, city and county employees and those who attended the 17th Annual Grand Olde West Days celebration this past weekend.


What a wonderful event it turned out to be, and what a great way to share our western heritage and "unbridled spirit."

I would especially like to mention the efforts of the Wyman Museum and staff, and the Colorado Cruisers Car Club. Without you, this event would not have been so diverse and successful, nor could we have pulled it off. And the generosity shown in fundraising for local youth organizations and for COMA is to be commended.

As the event chairperson this year, it was impressive to see and feel the sense of community that exists in Craig and Moffat County. It was a tremendous amount of work to coordinate and put the festival together, but seeing friends, families and out-of-town visitors enjoying three days of fun and great weather (thank you Mother Nature), spending time and money in our community, made it all worthwhile.

At the end of Monday's street festival, my dogs were barking (actually howling), and I think even my hair and fingernails were tired, but it didn't detract from the pleasure I felt while watching all of the people listening to the great music, eating fattening fair food, purchasing unique vending items and stopping to visit with one another.

I particularly enjoyed the bungee tramp (which will be returning for Whittle the Wood) and gave myself some awful stomach distress, courtesy of corndogs and funnel cakes.

I must apologize for the absence of the Ute Indian Dancers during the last two days of the festival. Extenuating circumstances forced them to leave for another event on Saturday, and car trouble prevented them from returning on Sunday. They have agreed to join us for Sheep Wagon Days in August, so stay tuned for the dates and details.

All in all, it was well worth the effort. I'm already looking forward to next year's event, and thinking about how we can improve.

It takes a lot of time, energy and manpower to have a successful event, so anyone out there who enjoyed Grand Olde West Days and would like to jump in and be a bigger part of it next year, please contact me at 824-2335.

We'd love to have you.


Shelly Flannery,

Chairperson, Grand Olde West

Days Committee, and Director,

Moffat County Tourism Association

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