Reading for the future

Summer program helps reading comprehension, encourages interests


What starts today could last a lifetime.

This is especially the case today as the Moffat County Library summer reading program continues registration at the 570 Green Street location.


"Once school is out, tests show that if students continue reading through the summer, reading comprehension is better in the fall," Craig Branch manager Sherry Sampson said. "It's a good incentive to keep reading through the summer."

Sampson said about 500 to 700 people sign up for the program, which challenges its participants to record their progress by each book read or by minutes logged reading. The program is free and is meant for parents to read to their children and for students and adults of all ages. A library card is needed to participate.

Interactive programs start Thursday for children, teens and adults.

"The program particularly encourages the habit of reading every day to spark a life-long love of reading and learning," library assistant Sasha Nelson said in a press release.

As participants finish books or reach goals with minutes logged, prizes are awarded.

"Most students, even those at-risk, have shown to make decent progress during the school year. It is summer when they fall behind," Nelson said in the press release. "Summer reading programs also benefit the rest of the community by encouraging reading as a leisure activity."

Teens and adults can test their crime-solving skills throughout the summer with progressive mysteries or by learning about crime scene investigation.

Chapter hour will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesdays, starting June 6 and going throughout the summer at the library. During this hour, an adult will read to an audience.

Thursdays is story time day.

Story times will be held occasionally at City Park, where they will offer more interactive experiences, with activities.

"This type of reading is a powerful tool in increasing reading comprehension, speed, vocabulary and, therefore, positively affecting community literacy," Nelson said in the release.

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