Mosquito Open entertains 176 local golfers


Eighty-eight two-person teams spent Memorial Day at Yampa Valley Golf Course playing in the annual Mosquito Open.

First-place net score winners were Willy Barclay and Dave VanWagner. The duo had a 13 handicap and shot a 72 gross score for 59 net score.


The second-place net duo featured Rick Rayl and Tom Knez. They had a 13 handicap, shot a 73 gross and a 60 net score.

There was a four-way tie for third-place net between the teams of Dave O'Mailia and Randy Knoche, Chester Hinkle and Frank Woner, Tom Grieve and Pat Grieve, and Ron Cromie and Rocky Pollock.

Cromie and Pollock have a 14 handicap, and shot a 75 gross equaling a 61 net. The other three teams all have a 13 handicap, 74 gross and 61 net.

In gross play, Pete Hever and Austin Zimmerman came in first place with a 9 handicap, 68 gross and a net score of 59.

There was a two-way tie for second place between the teams of Lynn Curtis and Walt Vanatta, and Rick Holford and Ken Harjes.

Both couples played with a 10 handicap, shot a 72 gross for a net score of 62.

In higher handicap play, the duo of Jim Purdy and Hector Flores came in first in net play. Purdy and Flores had a 26 handicap, shot a 79 gross and tallied a net of 53.

Second place went to Ray Beck and Rob Dilldine. The duo had a handicap of 25, gross score of 81 and a net of 56.

Robert Benjamin and Roland Hopson came in third.

They had a 24 handicap, 83 gross and a net of 59.

In gross play, two duos had a three-hole playoff to decide the winner.

The twosome of Nick Navratil and Glenn Navratil carded a par on the third playoff hole. The Navratils had a 17 handicap, 74 gross and a net of 57.

Rodney Branstetter and Taylor Branstetter were the runner-ups.

The Branstetters have an 18 handicap, 74 gross and a net of 56.

In third was Marv Pearson and Lowell Pearson. The duo registered an 18 handicap, 77 gross and a net of 59.

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